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Anyone who has spent any significant amount of time at the TLKFAA will have at some point come across Poonie's iconic, easily recognizable artwork. A prolific artist with over 1,200 pictures in her gallery, her line-art contributions to the Coloring Cave have earned her as much exposure as the rest of her ambitious and usually very successful experiments. By all means, anyone who's only seen her line-work really owes it to themselves to check out the rest of Poonie's impressive gallery.
Well, THIS was something i wasn't expecting on my free Saturday.. ATALL!
Thank you silly guys so much for letting me have this honour of being Artist of the Month. It really feels weird on the other side for being on this site for 5.5 years haha.

I was just 16 When i came accross this website for the first time. I thought it was really interesting, and after weeks and weeks of looking through the galleries on this site, i knew i wanted to be part of the community. Too bad i never saw the movie in the cinemas when it came there for the first time in 1994, but i was only 4 years old. Though my parents had the movie's poster in their livingroom for years. I really loved it. (it hung next to a jungle book one haha!) My parents raised me and my siblings with Disney. Each weekend there was at least ONE movie of Disney showed to us on our TV. So by now, i can talk with the TLK-movie in Dutch. Since I know it clear from my head haha! Just like a lot of other Disney classics.

Though the TLK movie came into the cinemas here too yet again, and it still is. Of course i grabbed this chance with both hands (paws) and went to see it. I'm so glad i could see Disney's glory back on to the big white screen! It only makes me more want to keep being up here! And uploading more art!

Basically, like almost anyone else, I always was drawing, in my childhood my mom bought me paint to fingerpaint with on big papers. (We still have little kiddo videos of that, me as a 2 year old painting my masterpiece haha) BUT, since 2006 i took drawing more seriously due my new TLKFAA account on here. I tried uploading at a minimum of one picture per day, which obvioulsy became more and more haha. (Sorry Brian! xD - i didn't have autoupload by then!) This site became more and more inportant for me the longer I was on here. I felt so proud having my first foreign friend on my msn list from this site and getting reactions from all over the world on my drawings! I still enjoy having this a lot. After a few years i got many friends on here, which really made me happy again every time i came online. Also sketcher was a huge fun with everyone i met on there. I'm so glad Brian let us use the programme! Now after a few years, I see much has changed, but still the website stays in my heart. Though it isn't as much part of my life as it was back then, but I'm sure I'll lurk around on here for many more years. :)

Again, thank you Brian for making this site so much loved and thank you guys for making it awesome to be on here! I'm sure I've never came this far with my art whitout any of you! I feel so honoured. Remember; never give up your love of drawing, never give up hope.

Here you have my Motto:

Every Artist is an inspiring Artist.

Lots of love,
Your orange furrball, Poonie
When she first joined the site in 2006, Poonie had what can best be described as an unpolished style—there was obvious raw talent there, but it hadn't yet had a chance to really mature. But now, over 1,200 pictures later, we have before us as good an illustration as we're ever likely to find of the importance of perseverance and practice, since her work now is undoubtedly some of the most engaging and good-looking stuff in the whole Archive.

It's almost a shame that some of Poonie's most famous pieces are the aforementioned Coloring Cave line-art, which comes from a relatively early period in her artistic career. This isn't to say that these pieces are artistically lacking; rather, it's that their simplicity, which is of course a necessity for easily colorable line-art, belies Poonie's great adventurous creative spirit and all the fascinating directions she's taken her art in the time since then. Examples can be seen at the left and right: gorgeous real-media compositions overshadow her more cartoony, simplified linework with their vibrant colors, their inventive visual effects, and their richly imagined concepts. Painted canvases occupy a prominent place alongside vector illustrations, pixel art, and digital Sketcher creations. Just about every conceivable artistic discipline finds some outlet in Poonie's care, and the skill she's nurtured over the five years of her membership at the TLKFAA is written all over everything she does, no matter what the medium.

Some of Poonie's best work, though, is in her sketches. This is true of many artists who have the spark of the animator in them; the ability to construct an expressive, solid-feeling, three-dimensional character with a few well-placed sketchy lines is what makes an artist who can visualize a figure that feels truly alive. Examples of this skill can be found throughout Poonie's gallery, giving the viewer a valuable insight into how she constructs her characters, where she places the heads and paws and hair, and what the sequence of steps is toward making a roughly drawn sketch into a fully-realized, digitally colored masterpiece. It's beautifully instructive and sure to be of great interest to any budding artist who is in the position Poonie was in five years ago.

While her artistic interests these days are ranging well beyond just what possibilities the world of Lion King fan-art presents, Poonie has roots here that show through in all her work, even the character drawings on other sites that have nothing to do with the Lion King cast or universe. While her canon art is a rare treat (wonderfully well done in her own unique style), all the rest of the art she does, using her own original characters and those of her friends and artistic colleagues, clearly owes a great debt of inspiration to The Lion King and the artistic tradition it established. In some ways Poonie is a perfect representative of the influence that this movie and its universe have had on the world of fan-art and wildlife art in general; its stylizations and animated sensibility can be found all across the face of Deviant Art and other places, in no small part thanks to Poonie and her constantly pushing at the boundaries of her skills and potential.

It's been a great five years, and the TLKFAA would not be what it is today if not for Poonie. Congratulations, and we look forward to many more happy years with us!

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