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Luna Mach

This month's Featured Artist is a versatile, fearless creator of some of the most ambitious art we've seen here on the Archive. Hailing from Brazil, Luna Mach brings with her a unique take on the Lion King visual style as well as a whole variety of artistic disciplines and approaches that make nearly every picture of hers a new and fascinating demonstration of the great heights she can accomplish in her work.

I'm sorry for my bad English guys, but, I think....there are some people here trying to kill me.. Do you want to give me a heart attack?!

That was just the best surprise I could ever get in this boring final exams week. I wasn't expecting for this, I forgot my old e-mail password and didn't know I had received Brian's e-mail, my friend told me and..and well, everybody knew but me. And wow, thank you, that means a lot for me. Really!

Since I joined in this site I looked at AoTM page and thought "I would never know what to write if Ii ever had the chance to do it" Conclusion: I'm not preapared to write it, I've never thought I would have this chance . I just want to say how much this site and you all users mean to me.

I always enjoyed arts stuff, but never developed it the way I did while I was in here. One of my first pictures I made on PS I uploaded here, people here helped me more than anyone in real life could ever do, this site makes part of my history, if I can do something better than yesterday, I owe it all to you, beautiful people .

Thank you friends, thank you Brian for this amazing site, thank you that voted me. You made my day and I love you all, and when people ask me where I learned what I know, I always mention you guys. You all live in my heart for 5 years, I think that's a long time. I want everybody here to develop, to create, to be totally awesome 'cause you already are, and I bet this site will blow up with so many talents . Keep up the good work that makes this community lives.

Thank you again and again,

One of the first things one notices when looking through Luna Mach's gallery is a preponderance of stylized, graphical illustrative styles, with angular forms and striking colors defining shapes that seem to burst from the boundaries of their window. Right away we understand that Luna Mach is a virtuoso at a wide variety of art software and the underlying artistic techniques that make that software sing and dance.

But beyond those striking, flashy "marquee" pictures are a great number of much less involved pieces, less ambitious in their scope but every bit as indicative of Luna Mach's unusual skill. Her talents, though many, are most obvious in action poses, where dynamic character construction and gesture drawings (combined with often simplified and even further stylized rendering styles) merge with an instinctive mastery of anatomy and balance that make her feline characters—whether quadruped or anthropomorphic, for she has plenty of characters that bridge the two forms seamlessly—come effortlessly to life. Her four-legged big cats brashly walk right out at the viewer, while her two-legged characters exhibit the best of human gestures and body language, conveying their unmistakable expressions perfectly.

As what one might call a "renaissance" artist, Luna Mach clearly has a lot of widely varying interests, and a lot of the work she's chosen to share with us here at the TLKFAA toys with the boundaries of what's on-topic. But her canon work, of which there is a considerable amount, makes it all worthwhile. She captures a number of the telltale characteristics of Disney's style, namely the solid body mass construction and the masterful rendering of facial expressions, while at the same time bringing a portfolio-full of her own touches, such as texturing on fur and shorthand shading techniques that bridge the gap between sketches and beautifully polished finished pieces. Each picture in Luna Mach's gallery is fundamentally different from the last, and as with so many of the very best artists to have spent time in this community, you can tell she's using the opportunity afforded by this unique fandom to bring out her creativity and help her push herself in all kinds of new directions as she discovers the nature of her extraordinary talent.

In the past five years Luna Mach has produced a body of work that showcases a top-notch artist whose best work is ahead of her. We'll all be looking forward to seeing it!

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