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This month we honor an artist whose history with the TLKFAA is a long and accomplished one. Her art speaks for itself, as any cursory glance at these examples will show. But perhaps the best introduction anyone can give comes from Clock herself.
Jumpin' anacondas. I'm... well, golly. What a night to get this email, THE email, on a total lunar eclipse! :O

Before I start rambling about what it means to be an artist, I... I've gotta come clean. I'm not really the person I play myself to be, that's a bit of a mask. I've been here for 6 years, which, to some, may feel like nothing; to others, including myself, it's felt like an eternity. I first came here in 2005, but didn't post anything for 2 years. I made some amazing friends who continued to surprise me with their inspiring art. And one by one, most of them achieved the status I longed for, as well: artist of the month. -I- wanted to be just like them! I wanted to be like the classic artists like Tima, Aquanite, Quill, and Cat Hicks, to name a few.

And soon, many of them left this site, as well. I started feeling like I had an anvil around my neck while my friends were dancing on air. In the recent years, this weight started making me feel impersonal, disconnected from everyone. I felt like as long as I drew amazing art, I'd have no reason to be kind, friendly, or personal. I'll admit, at one point I thought when hell FINALLY froze over and I became AoTM, I'd use my speech to essentially act like a jerk.

But one day, a while after I had made some stupid dramatic farewell, a little light flicked on. Someone had drawn a picture for me, telling them I inspired them. After acting like an ice queen and leaving, I'd realized that I DID inspire people. And they'd put up with me, still cheering me on and propelling me forward. And that's what it means to be an artist. An artist inspires. An artist uses their skills, their imagination, and their passion to invite others to feel an emotion or think of an idea based on what they see.

Put yourself into every drawing you do, because you're always growing as an artist and as a human being (I'm finally realizing this after SIX years here). Accept criticism with open arms, don't take it to heart. Be HUMBLE, but be confident about yourself and your skills. And as my final piece of advice, a wise man once said " Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited; imagination encircles the world."

Thanks to everyone who's kept that little light on. :'> -Clock

This fandom has been around for an awfully long time. Indeed, many of the artists who make up the Lion King fan-art community weren't even born when the movie was first released in 1994. That much time and familiarity can breed a great deal of complacency, cynicism, even bitterness. The world of TLK is a great big playground for some of the best creative figures on the Net. But some days it starts feeling oddly small.

Those are the days when artists like Clock step up and show us all why we fell in love with this movie and its universe to begin with.

Clock's undeniably beautiful art, ranging from some of the most on-model and true-to-Disney character work ever seen on this Archive to her own heavily stylized original characters, cuts through all cynical and "subversive" takes on the TLK universe and shouts out a love song to the otherworldy artistry that lies at its heart.

If Clock has arrived at that earnestness through a personal journey through irony and disillusionment, that only serves to underscore the power of her work; nothing is more sincere and heartfelt than a homecoming.

Any and all fans of Lion King art owe it to themselves to give her gallery a thorough perusal. The examples alongside these paragraphs are only the tip of the iceberg; there's vector art, breathtaking landscapes, character sketches worthy of any Disney animator, and an impressive series of crossover art that brings a whole new standard to the genre. There's also a selection of pictures in Clock's non-TLK style, which show off just how wide and versatile her range is and how impressive it is that she's able to work so comfortably in the natural, familiar TLK style.

Being a fan of The Lion King is, for many of us, a lifelong commitment. It's an obsession that lasts for years at the least, and we all experience phases as we travel through our meandering explorations of our relationship with the films and their universe. More often than not, though, we find that at first contact it made an indelible mark on our minds and our psyches, one that we can't eraseā€”even if we ever wanted to.

And if it weren't for that mark, we wouldn't have Clock's work to appreciate this month. Congratulations, and thank you!

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