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Despite being on hiatus at present, Mwokozi has won the votes of the TLKFAA community to be our Featured Artist this month. With over 500 pictures in her gallery and dozens of loyal fans eagerly waiting for her next upload, she deserves plenty of recognition for her enegetic and varied character work that has made terrific progress just in the year she's been here with the Archive.
Mwo, tired after a long day, gets onto the interwebs after not having them for a week. and OH MAH GOODNESS, could that truly be THE email??

Im really shocked guys, especially since of my hiatus and my schoolwork has kept me terribly busy. but either way, i am so so thankful. to all my fans and friends, i can not thank you enough. And also Brian, for making this amazing site a community for artists to connect. Honestly, im stunned and quite humbled. Thank you so much everybody.

So, i actively began uploading and whatnot around a year ago this month, and since i have fallen back in love with art. Ever since i was a child, i enjoyed drawing and painting, but was never very talented. i just did it because i loved it, the ability to create is a passion i love to be able to share with others here. It was not until about a few months ago that i began applying myself to improvement because of the endless possibilities of both Sketcher and Photoshop elements. Not to mention the wonderful encouragement that the artists here share with eachother!

But by all means, i dont think that i even compare to some of the other artists who have won this prestigious award. So once again, thank you so much guys.

Also, before i duck out, i wanna say that no matter what people think, your art is perfect as long as you think it is. Art is an expression of the soul and a persons spirit, how color and form flow from inside onto the paper or whatever your medium is. No matter what, just keep creating, no one can tell you otherwise. It doesnt matter your talent, art is expression. So if your armed with a pencil, tablet, or brush, keep on creating.

Marissa R.
A.K.A. Mwokozi
Starting out just about a year ago, with little more than a copy of MS Paint and a lot of enthusiasm, it was clear from Day 1 that Mwokozi had a lot to offer. Within a few weeks she was posting several pictures a day and dozens per week, had established her personal character, and had mastered Sketcher as a full-fledged tool for creating art—a technique she favors to this day.

Nowadays, Mwokozi wields a stylus with confidence and grace, producing all manner of impressive, colorful art like the examples you see here. Focusing on character expressions, she differentiates her many portraits with subtle distinctions in face and attitude as well as body language supported by an excellent sense for anatomy and construction. She puts a level of detail into her characters' faces—with careful shading indicating all the intricate little flourishes that make an expression so evocative and true to life—that elevates her art above many examples of "cookie-cutter" character designs that pick a popular or easily captured emotion as a shortcut. Mwokozi has no need for such methods, since her innate skill and desire for originality make it all moot.

Working primarily with Sketcher doesn't mean that Mwokozi has any lack of variety in her selected genres or techniques. Her primary focus is character portraits and reference sheets, but she has also embarked on a comic project that already delivers well on its promise of emotion and intrigue. And even better are some of the fully-realized cinematic scenes, some of which can be seen in the examples here, which tell a story without dialogue—or even a need for it.

In recent weeks Mwokozi has passed both the 150-fan and 500-picture milestone (and commemorated them accordingly), and just from the quality level of those pictures marking the occasions you can see that there's a lot more achievement in Mwokozi's future. It'll be no time before she passes the thousand-picture mark and has become one of the names most readily associated with the guiding lights of the TLKFAA.

For the time being, her other obligations are keeping Mwokozi from contributing at her usual pace; but it's clear from the enthusiasm with which she indulges her creative spark that she'll be back and hard at work again in no time, reinforcing again the reasons why she has earned her spot as this month's AotM. Congratulations!

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