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A native of remote Dillingham, Alaska, Acidmouth is one of those artists whose energy and creativity have helped shape the course of the TLKFAA's development over the past five years and make it into something genuinely respectable in its own right. Her art is challenging, vibrant, alive—all the things in mere still images that the fully animated world of Disney's movies had the luxury of portraying in motion. Let's look this month at an artist whose five-year stint at the TLKFAA has been illustrated throughout with great surges of quality, creativity, and life.
Omg! Thank you, each and every one of my fans! Not quite sure what to say but I didn't expect this at all. I'm glad! Got off work, tired and dirty, feeling pretty down as usual (i'm a waitress) and logged on to DA to see what it had in store. Low and behold someone congratulating me for getting AOTM on TLKFAA! LOLWUTNOWAIOMG says I, rushing to check me e-mail, far too excited and shaky to type properly. And there it was! The E-mail from Brian! THE e-mail! Something to cheer me up and wash away all the stress of the night. Then I thought to myself about how great it always is logging on to TLKFAA, not just for good news or comments from other artists, but to see the work of others and to learn from them. To share what I had. To trade ideas, concepts, characters, techniques. All sorts of good things that come with being in a community like this one. Thank you TLKFAA! :)

Talent is meant to be shared in all kinds of ways, and I would like to thank my fans and friends more than anything for helping me get where I am today. Thank your for sharing your wok! If it weren't for watching other artists progress or getting along with people and learning from them I wouldn't have gotten anywhere at all! And then there are the things that inspire us. Not just the things that inspire me, but ALL of us. Disney's magic, Animals, nature, life & death, music, family, interesting objects, colors and tons more. Keep at it, keep drawing and creating, all of you!

If I have any advice to give to any of you I would tell you to stay in school, graduate and go to college. cliche', I know, but I mean it like nobody's business! I did it and i'm glad. School may be boring and occasionally corrupt but it WILL get your further in life. Perhaps as a Graphics designer, an Animator or whatever your dreams desire. To those of you who've graduated and are on your way to success, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! The young'ens look up to you and you better set a good example!

Cheers to my fans, inspiration and furthering your education! and a BIG thank you to Brian and those who voted for me. If any of you would like to see my off-topic art, you can check out my DA page! share your thoughts :)
Acidmouth's earliest work here at the TLKFAA may not have caught the eye of most at first, but discriminating observers would have recognized a talent with obvious huge potential. Her feline figures were simple in structure but executed with confidence and pride; and perhaps more importantly, her characteristic humor was there from the beginning. Self-deprecating yet at the same time exuberant at her achievements in this inspiring genre, her work was immediately magnetic to those who became her fans and follow her work to this day.

Now those fans' attention pays off every time Acidmouth uploads. Her latest work is not only on-model and correct when tackling canon material, it incorporates a loose, informal, yet buzzing-with-energy cartoonish style that is all her own creation, not purely derived from Disney nor cribbed from other fan-art techniques that have become popular among the artists here. Her drawings tend to consist of relatively simple line-work, realized digitally via tablet; but their subject matter is anything but: character designs from all over the creative spectrum, comedic and satiric scenes featuring her original characters, anthropomorphic or fantasy-derived reimaginings, and—of course—outstandingly well delivered canon characters in scenes and poses more evocative and vigorous than they appeared in any on-screen scene. The examples at right and left attest effortlessly to this.

As with many of the most respected artists who have been profiled here, Acidmouth does not limit herself to any single medium or style. A quick glance through her gallery will turn up all kinds of artistic experiments, ranging from textural studies in Photoshop to wild character designs featuring lurid color schemes and patterns befitting the otherworldly settings they appear in. Perhaps most characteristic of her work, though, are the ones where the subjects—like her clouded leopard fursona—leap and thrash in irresistibly dynamic poses, showing wild, toothy expressions that read effortlessly, as with the very best animation art. The past year or two has been very good to Acidmouth, giving her the opportunity to hone her raw potential into a genuinely formidable skill, and a name that's respected throughout the TLKFAA as one of our most illustrious artists.

Congratulations to Acidmouth, and let's all look forward to where the next few years will take her!

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