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Orca Owl

With over 1600 pictures in her gallery, Orca Owl is one of the busiest and most productive contributors to the TLKFAA community—and perhaps one of the best examples of how far perseverance can take you. From humble beginnings over five years ago, Orca Owl has deveoped a unique and unmistakable style and earned great respect from her peers for the quality of the art she produces today.

Whoa. I am completely at a loss for words. I literally spent minutes just staring at my computer screen in shock. Me? AotM? WHAT!! I'm so stunned and overjoyed, it's ridiculous(ly amazing). I guess I'll start out by telling you guys a bit about myself.

My best friend, known as Mystikk here, stumbled upon TLKFAA in 2005 while she was looking up info for a project on lions. She joined instantly and, after spending a few months on TLKFAA, convinced me to join, helped me create a fursona, showed me around the site, and let me use her scanner to scan my own artworks. I loved making up new characters, drawing gifts for other artists, and being a part of the TLKFAA community.

As the years went by my passion for TLKFAA grew with each new drawing that I created. I got into this mode where all I could do or think about was creating new artwork to upload here. I would draw on the bus to school, at school, when I got home, and into the late hours of the night. It felt amazing to be a part of something so much bigger than myself. TLKFAA is not just a fan-art website. It's a community of insanely talented and creative people who have gathered together from every corner of the world for one single purpose — to create artwork relating to The Lion King universe. The community here is unlike any online community that I've ever seen before. I've made some amazing friends here that I wouldn't trade for anything else in the world. You guys know who you are and I can't ever express how much you guys mean to me.

When I first joined TLKFAA back in 2005 I would never have dreamed that my art would be at the level it's at now or that I would or could ever become Artist of the Month, but here I am. I am completely and totally blown away by how you guys voted for me to be your AotM. Thank you so much for every comment, every favorite, and every bit of support you guys have given me. And thank you Brian for everything you've done for the site. This means so much to me and I really and truly appreciate each and every person on this site. So thanks, you guys rock.

I'll end with a little bit of advice. Do what you love, put your all into it, and never ever give up! It may seem hard to believe that you'll improve in your artwork now, but you will with a little practice. Trust me. I've improved momentously over the five years I've been here and I can't wait to see what the following five years will bring!

Anyways, I love you guys, I love The Lion King, and I love TLKFAA. This just made my life. Seriously. <3

Few would have guessed, looking at Orca Owl's earliest artwork, just how far she would take it in the subsequent few years. Yet she has become one of the most prolific artists this site has ever seen, behind only nine others out of thousands. That kind of dedication means she really means business; this is more than a hobby to her, it's a passion.

Not that there is any chance of mistaking that by looking at her art itself. Orca Owl creates intense character portraits, both of canon characters and other artists' creations, and realistic studies of animals that show a tremendous level of skill and growth. Her characters are likeable, approachable, pleasingly proportioned, and come in a wide variety of styles, from the realistic and natural to the stylized and cartoonish, with many gradations in between.

Yet probably the biggest and most notable thing about her art is the coloring. Even as far back as 2007-2008, when she was still getting the hang of anatomy and composition, the colors of the backgrounds were astounding. Using quick and effortless Photoshop coloring techniques, Orca Owl showed that she is able to create some of the most eye-opening and gorgeous naturalistic settings we've ever seen here: flaming sunsets in cloudy skies, firelight on the edges of characters in darkened environments, tree-lined lakes with earthy reflections in the waves... rendered with a deliberate imprecision that calls to mind some of the best impressionistic styles, the colors immediately convey the mood and the setting without getting caught up in detail that would detract from the foreground characters. As Orca Owl has progressed into media such as acrylics, some of her naturalistic animal studies show just how well she's able to execute this innate color sense no matter what the tools she uses.

It's this quality that tells us that art is such a passionate endeavor for Orca Owl: the fact that she's so dedicated to mastering not just one technique and set of familiar methods, but also the ones she hasn't yet tackled. She wants to be comfortable in a whole spectrum of artistic environments, using whatever tools might be available, and learning to take advantage of the unique qualities of each one—whether the easily accessible color manipulations of Photoshop or the irregular bold brushwork of acrylics, the spontaneous energy of pencils or the subtle moods of watercolors. She is a regular user of Sketcher and a firm fixture among the TLKFAA community that she credits with so much of her inspiration; surrounded by friends as well as by fans, it's small wonder that she would sooner or later reap the rewards of recognition here on the front page.

Congratulations to Orca Owl! We all look forward to your future creations!

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