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LeoNoy is a master of vibrant colors and evocative expressions, both of which—when applied to a canon-heavy body of work— result in the kind of gallery that inexorably draws in fans by the dozen. Those familiar with her work both here and at DeviantArt know that LeoNoy is one of the most prolific, busiest, and most energetic artists currently working in the genre, and her flair for big cats makes her Lion King fan-art the perfect showcase for her talents.
*Comes back home from a walk---Turns on the computer and starts to do the daily stuff*
*Sees The Letter, skips a heart beat*
What? Can it possibly be? Did people lost their sanity; voting for ME for AotM? nono! It can be!
.......Or maybe it is? o:

WELL first, I should thank all the people who voted- I'm really honored, and even flattered!
Obviously I want to thank the man that made us all meet each other in this fantastic comunity: Brian Tiemann!

Second, I must say that I really didn't expect to get this- this is such an encouraging thing for me- receiving this title ;u;
So lets see, I remember the day when I first saw this epic Website (google*cough*), and when i heard about this "AotM" I said to myself "One day I will get this". Of couse I was thinking that I will receive this in YEARS from that day, haha...

I want to thank all my friends, whom inspired me, helped me, put up with my botherings (and still will, hopefully) and were with me in the good and the bad times, I don't know what I was doing without you!
I believe that joining this comunity helped me the most with the improvement of my drawings and art skills (more than an art-class etc), and even helped me be more mature in some-way xD

Now some words of encouragement for the people whom sometimes feel like they need it:
Never give-up! I know how we feel when we see someone with "better art"- but remember! There isn't such thing "bad-art". This is all in our heads- All I can say is practice, don't trace. Some people think "I will trace their picture and that way I will learn!" but no, it won't help you- it will just cause drama.

In conclution; Thanks again awesome people- thanks to you this is my second home, I love you all!
LeoNoy's earliest work, posted only a little over a year ago, give only an inkling of how quickly and dramatically she would come into her own over the ensuing months. Beginning with unassuming pen/pencil and colored pencil drawings, she dove in with abandon and immediately began a long and rewarding journey which she traveled with remarkable speed. Only two or three months later, after switching her medium of choice to Sketcher and digital/tablet art, her work attained the unmistakable style and edge that has become her trademark since then. Ever since, her projects have only grown in ambition and scope, and each one pushes her abilities—already rubbing shoulders with some of the most accomplished artists in the community—into new territory.

What makes her work unique, though, is the execution: favoring bright, vivid colors and the kind of palette that only digital art software can offer, LeoNoy fills her characters and scenery with deep shadows, heavy gradients, and dramatic background elements that never overpower the presence of her subjects. One thing that carries over from some of her earliest, physical-media work is a tendency to treat linework as an unnecessarily confining component of the drawing; her colors seem so energetic that they have a tendency to burst right out of the outlines. This is not the case with her polished, completed showcase work, but her many experimental pieces show this tendency, and it's noteworthy in that it shows an artist who is more interested in the development of character construction and anatomy than in refining a technique. Many artists who place too much emphasis on the latter do so at the expense of the former, and their output suffers as a result. LeoNoy, on the other hand, keeps up a breakneck pace with her creativity, always letting the character and the scene drive her pen forward, always with something new to learn.

Perhaps LeoNoy's rapid ascension to the spotlight has as much to do with the humor with which her art is imbued as with the skill with which it's executed. A picture at her DeviantArt gallery showcasing a palette of useful facial expressions perfectly illustrates the versatility of her well-developed feline model—and when she has expressions like that at her command, the potential for comedy art is limitless. So much of humor is based in the subtle interplay of human emotions and reactions, and LeoNoy's gallery is full of gags and humorous collaborations that use it to its fullest potential. It's easy to see why she's developed such a following so fast: whether it's a canon character exploration or a rendering of a friend's original character, it's guaranteed to have an instantly readable personality, brought to life by LeoNoy's broad and dynamic command of expression.

LeoNoy has progressed in a year more quickly than many artists do in five. She has tremendous momentum driving her forward, and while she knows (as any realistic and self-aware artist does) that there's a long way yet to go on a journey that really has no end, she's already so far down that road that anyone would envy her accomplishments. Congratulations, and we all look forward to what's next in store!

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