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With an energetic, flamboyant style that pulls no punches in its subject matter, AlbinoRaven666 is an artist who has really found a voice with her Lion King art. Far more than just dwelling in the canon of the movies or expanding it with original characters, her modus operandi is to blend her own real experiences with the fantasy setting afforded by TLK in order to release the pressure of everyday life. Certainly this is not unique among artists here at the TLKFAA; but the way she does it really imbues the art she produces with a unique spark of creative energy that has won her a large and devoted following.
So there I was, sitting in my Bible is Literature class.... Bored out of my mind and high as all bloody sin off of my cold medication(which has done nothing but torture my body and put me into this disillusion state... )When to my surprised I got an email... "THE" email... I blinked, cocking my head to the side as I wondered whether I had died and gone to Heaven, or whether the meds were messing with my head. Over and over I checked, read "the" email, went to the website and checked the list of past AOTM's... And what do you know? It was real!! I had gotten "THE" letter from Brian telling me I had won October, 2010's Artist of the Month.

Well, being in Bible class(hah!) I couldn't very well jump up and scream with the hoarse voice of the diseased; which I really wanted to do. So I just sat there, frozen, heart pounding, mind racing. I nearly threw up, no thanks to my meds I'm sure, and was very thankful when break came. I would then tell my friends, in a shaky frantic voice "I GOT AOTM!" of course they didn't understand what that meant, but I was happy, and GOD am I still freaking out about it!!!

Now its time for the cliche sappy part of the speech! I've loved lion king since I was 4 years old. 1994, The Lion King hit theaters, and it was my first ever movie my parents took me to see in theaters. I quote my mother in saying "you made me see it with you 8 bloody times!" and it didn't stop there. I had all the toys, books, and when the movie came out on VCR(damn I'm old) I watched it every day. When I hit middle school years I started to express this love in doodles on a notebook, homework; all lion king. I believe it was high school when I found TLKFAA, and have loved being a member of this site ever since.

I can not impress how HONORED I feel to receive this award. Thank you Brian for creating this award and this wonderful site. Thank you, everyone who voted for me. This unexpected honor would not be possible without you guys. Thank you to Nala_91, AndreaJoy, Korei, Beloo, Nuki, LionKing17, and others for being my friends on this site. Of course those loyal, fans, I would guess you'd have to call them fans, who comment on my art. Wouldn't be anywhere without you guys. And thank you to those who tolerated me. I know I managed to offend some people on this site, despite the fact that was never my intention. And I thank you for putting up with me despite the fact you might have wanted to kill me :P !!

And, not to put anyone above others, a special 'thank you' to Kash and Kryptid. Kash was probably one of the first real friends I made on this site and helped me a lot with personal grow; always pressing individuality and originality above all over things. And Kryptid, you are as close to me, I feel, as my friends IRL. You are always there for me when I have problems, always put up with my weird ways, and respect me for who I am despite our differences. Thank you both, thank you everyone!

Last, I would like to say without sounding arrogant or overly happy or anything like that. I'm so STOKED I got this during the month of October! It is my favorite month of the year because of Halloween. So thanks, have fun, spook yourself up and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! >:D
Working in several different styles at once, AlbinoRaven666 immediately hits the viewer with a non-nonsense announcement of "I mean business". Certainly her art does: it brings a gritty realism with itchy, anxious line work to the forefront, recognizable as owing much to the Disney style but clearly all her own creation. Yet it's softened by warm and engaging faces, expressive eyes, and lush coloration that turn each picture into a comic-colored, graphic-artish stylized set piece. It's a fascinating blend of artistic threads at work: whether it's a standalone character portrait or a richly rendered narrative scene, AlbinoRaven666's compositions draw in the viewer with mixed emotions from the start: each character has flaws that are right out in the open, evoking feelings both of empathy and suspicion, and the viewer instinctively wants to be drawn in further, to learn more about the characters being presented and find out whether to approve or to shun each one. It's a more complicated reaction than one gets from an art style more closely patterned on Disney's classic style, where a good guy or a bad guy is telegraphed immediately by his design. This one requires more viewer participation, and as such has more to say.

Because in the four years and 700 pictures that AlbinoRaven666 has uploaded, she's undergone an artistic development that parallels her own path through life, and one that chronicles the trials and difficulties she has gone through. Most artists on this site use their art to some degree as an escape valve from real life, but AlbinoRaven666 goes a bit further, using her Lion King art as the medium in which she works as a full-time art student. The things she creates aren't just her personal creations made for mere escapism, they're the core genre in which she earnestly pursues the artistic principles underlying the movies in the first place. She's exploring the disparate corners of the art world—sequential art and comics, storyboarding, animation, composition, and all the rest—and what she produces has the potential to become a professional portfolio as much as it is a means to participate in our informal community of fan-artists here.

Her forays into animation can be seen in a wide variety of tests and clips, all leading up to the piece seen at left—an ambitious, fully rendered scene with voices, music, multiplane backgrounds, and everything one would expect from a completed feature. This is clearly only one step in her learning process, but the tenacity with which she's stuck with it, and the enthusiasm with which she's posted all the constituent pieces that bring the scene to life, show that she definitely has the necessary drive to take her skills to the next level. When she's producing full-fledged animated shorts for a thesis project, we'll know where it all got started.

Casual viewers or the conceptually squeamish will probably find AlbinoRaven666's art a little on the challenging side; she doesn't hold back when using her art as a release for her stress, and certainly few could blame her. Art is not an immediately rewarding discipline when you're hoping to use it as a way to make a living. "Creativity on demand" is a luxury that not many people can afford. Yet in AlbinoRaven666's large collection of showcased art, and particularly in the vast increase in maturity and ambition that her art has exhibited since her first uploads in 2006, we can see that AlbinoRaven666 has the requisite endurance, spirit, and inherent energy to make her dreams a reality. It's a long distance from a theater seat or a couch in front of a VCR to a professional animation career; but The Lion King has a way of inspiring exactly that kind of trajectory in artistically inclined individuals like her.

Not all of them make it. But AlbinoRaven666's numerous fans clearly think she's got what it takes. For what it's worth, I do too. Congratulations, and all the best of fortune—the next few years will really be the formative ones!

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