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There was a tricky situation this month in picking the Featured Artist: four candidates were tied with the same number of votes. I had to make a difficult, yet rewarding personal decision in choosing which of the four stood out the most. While all the candidates are awesome artists who will all no doubt get their turn very soon, rogue_liger was the one whose work caught my eye immediately and told me, "This is the one".
Hello everyone!

I see that I got the chance of getting featured this month,and I will try to write a speech for you people who might want to read what I'm about to say here.

First of all; I thank you,Brian for coming up with this great website,where artists (beginners or advanced) share their art with everyone else,and it ended up with a great artist community.

To be honest... I was never interested in art and drawing before I found TLKFAA back in 2005(ohu Google),but most of artists here really inspired me to draw,making me believe it's possible that anyone can draw if they really want.

And to all my friends here(including the closest friends I could ever have,you know who you are :D ),I thank you all so much,you guys inspired me,helped me become a better artist and I'm glad I could help some of you people too. :]

All these years have been a great experience for me,and still is. Like other people, I had my "n00b" moments too in the past,and it makes me laugh when I browse in my first uploads,but otherwise I'm proud that I managed to improve in drawing,and I'm still excited on what's next,and more improvement.

Never live a day without drawing even one single sketch,try being different in your drawings,try new styles,try new creatures and practice all the time. Don't feel down when you look at an another artist which is much better than you, remember that they were less experienced at the beginning and by time(which takes years) they get in the stage they are now,and still increasing their skills.

Some of you already know what I mean,and some will understand after a few years of practicing,and you won't regret it.

Of course I won't leave this website after getting AotM,and I will never leave because this is the place I started with art,got to know amazing people which are very good friends of mine,like I mentioned before.

I feel honoured and thankful to those people that voted for me. Yes,I was expecting this sooner or later,and since I joined I always would have liked to be on the front page.

Thank you for all the attention,and most thanks for people who are being there for me! :D
Who could doubt, looking at rogue_liger's well-stocked gallery of nearly 600 pictures dating back over the past five years, that her name would one day appear here in this spot? Certainly nobody who has been following her since her earliest pictures and has observed the phenomenal artistic growth she has exhibited, starting with a few modest pencil sketches on notebook paper and steadily advancing until she routinely produces the masterworks you see to the right and left here. You'd scarcely believe they came from the same artist... except that you can tell, even just looking at her earliest pieces, that there's a spark in them, the seeds of inevitable greatness.

There's no denying rogue_liger's stature now. Working in a variety of media just like she did years ago, every facet of her artistic skill set has deepened and broadened, until now her digital art is rich and textured with gorgeous color, her pencil and tablet sketches are confident and full of life, and every piece she does is surprising in one way or another—subject matter that's striking, disturbing, hilariously funny, poignant, awash in bright color, or staggeringly well detailed. Each new upload brings a new, fresh delight to the eyes of the discerning fan.

Where she really seems to shine is in the pencil-like character studies she creates in Sketcher, with a beautiful sense of texture and a cross-hatched shading style that gives her characters a solid, carved-from-wood quality. This coupled with her great, deeply felt anatomical expertise allows her to bring to life feline characters with an intense realism ranging from the solidity of their musculature to the visible softness of their fur, and a subtle blend of naturalism and expressiveness in their faces—a blend that rogue_liger can vary expertly depending on how realistic her subject is intended to be. Not many artists can boast the sort of control over their chosen medium that they can work so effortlessly at so many levels of realism, but rogue_liger nails it every time.

Of particular note, too, are the pictures in rogue_liger's gallery that show canon situations, featuring the original Disney characters rendered in her own distinctive style, immediately recognizable yet given a new, harder edge by her deft eye for color and solid anatomical construction. Where a Disney artist would render Simba or Kovu with flat shapes and solid colors, sacrificing texture for animation efficiency, rogue_liger puts the whole litany of creases, highlights, ridges of hair and muscle, and rich shadows and highlights on her characters, all without making it look overblown or oversaturated, which itself is quite a feat. A movie drawn the way rogue_liger draws it would be an unprecedented treat for the eyes; yet knowing how much work goes into any one of her pieces, it's fortunate that we have only the relatively few images we do have to enjoy in her gallery. And they're all so good it's by no means a mere consolation prize. On the contrary, it's exactly why we all love the Lion King fan-art community so much.

If the last five years are any indication, rogue_liger will do things in the next five that will leave us all breathless. Congratulations!

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