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The TLKFAA has had more than its fair share of up-and-coming artists who get their start drawing Lion King fan-art; but few have generated more attention in a few short months than this August's honoree, HoneyBi. This artist has cultivated an impressive variety of styles and techniques, beginning with an already well established—if a little raw—look and feel and then spending the subsequent year refining it and branching out with a confident and engaging personal flourish that she has made her own unmistakable signature.

Oh my, what a great suprise! I apologize for writing this late, I couldn't on my vacation <:)

Well, when I saw Brian's email, along with many "congratulations" comments, I can honestly say I was shocked. I have only been here for a little over a year; I expected to earn this after being here for at least a few more years, if I even got it at all! I want to thank all of you who voted for me, or even left an encouraging comment on one of my pictures. Becoming Artist of the Month has been a fantasy of mine since I joined this wonderful site, and it is all of you that has made this possible for me.

When I first stumbled across this site early last year, I was blown away by all of the talented artists. It seemed like a friendly internet environment, and I hoped of one day posting my own artwork here. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, but it is TLKFAA which really got me seriously thinking about improving and striving to reach my full potential as an artist. A few months later, my hopes of joining this site were granted. I have met so many nice people here, and met so many people who are safe to call my internet buddies ;) I love it here, and will stay for many years to come.

I would like to address all of my fans, and voters. Without you guys, I would have never come this far with my art. From every little "great job!" to a long, thought-out critique, what you guys have to say about my work has kept me up and running. Every time I recieve a comment, I can't help but smile. It makes me so happy that all of you like my art this much, because I work hard on it, and I have obviously done something right if all of you keep with me x) Thank you guys, thank you so much.

I wish that I was better at putting what I feel into words, because I am so grateful that you guys have elected me AotM. It means so much to me <:)

Thank you ♥

~Mad Dog
One year is a tiny amount of time compared to how long some artists have been with us here in the TLKFAA community; but in that brief period HoneyBi has really made a name for herself. Perhaps it's the variety of different "looks" that her art takes on; if you look through her gallery you'll find that she effortlessly jumps from smooth digitally inked cel-colored scenes to cartoonish caricatures, sharp-lined MS Paint drawings to pencil and pen sketches, each one looking just a little bit different and espousing its own unique aesthetic.

While her early drawings showed impressive ability but a relative lack of the kind of confident anatomy and layout that is typical of many mature and seasoned artists, it's her recent work that has really shown off what she can do. Her characters now have that effortless balance and construction that gives a character—whether feline, canine, or any other—that convincing "edge", with pleasingly knobby toes and feet and leg and body proportions that show she's clearly been studying how her own cats are put together. (That is, after all, the best way to learn such things.)

HoneyBi began her gallery here with a series of drawings clearly leaning heavily on original Disney reference art; while this is normally discouraged as a practice here at this site, in many cases—as with this one—the fact is that it's just a starting point from which a genuinely original and accomplished artistic career gets launched. One of the most challenging aspects of moderating an art community like this one is deciding where the line should be drawn between artists who are leveraging Disney art because of a lack of their own skill and originality, and artists who have plenty of that innate skill within them and just need the inspiration to start bringing it to the surface. HoneyBi is unmistakably of the latter group, as any quick glance at her more recent work will show.

Clearly she has the drive and the ambition. Both here and at her DeviantArt page, her galleries are full of widely diverse artistic experiments and achievements, ranging from pencil sketches of realistic big cats to photography to intricately developed, digitally inked and colored narrative scenes, often created as commissions or gifts for her fellow artists. Nothing she's created is a duplicate or a recapitulation of anything she's already mastered; she's always striking out in new stylistic or technical directions. And what's more, she's so dedicated to her craft and the other personal ambitions in her life that she's using her art to help fund her academic travel, which interestingly enough is why she hasn't yet been able to provide her own response to her being selected by her fellow artists for the spotlight this month.

When HoneyBi returns to the site and is able to resume her busy creative schedule, we can be sure she'll take the opportunity to strike out in even more diverse directions. What's next for her: sculpture? Acrylics? 3D digital art? Whatever it is, it's all but given that HoneyBi will continue to hone her mastery of Lion King character construction and presentation, and will keep making what is turning out to be some of the best, most expressive, most satisfying art you'll find on this site or any other.


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