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When spotlighting artists here on the front page, it's important to remember that there's a whole variety of reasons why an artist might be considered worthy of the honor and the votes of his or her peers. It's not always about raw and overwhelming skill and artistic maturity; it's not always about who can pull off the best canon Disney-style art. Sometimes it's something a lot more personal and social: the recognition of a prolific and steadfast contributor whose tireless creation and uploading of art creates a dependable stream of activity and a social catalyst for her friends, fans, and fellow artists. That's Oliviatc to a T.

*heart beats fast* Um Hello everyone.

Im very suprised i got AOTM because there is alot of amazing artists who still haven't got it yet.

It only felt like yesterday i started this amazing site, well im gonna start with how i found this place. I was looking up lion king in youtube because i wanted to watch the movie online then i came past some slideshow with some pictures from this site and i looked in the description and it had a link to this place and i thought to go in it, some days later i joined Tlkfaa and thats how i started. I have enjoyed it here since that day and aswell i still draw one of my old characters. Lol

Got to say i think i have improved in my drawings this is my frist drawing:

and this is the one i done a day ago:

Im just gonna stop about here just in case i go on and on and on even tho this maybe going to be the shortest saying out of all.

Oh aswell i want to thank my voters, my 103 fans and my friends on here that is Titanic, Rachel.M, Abbi, AlbinoRaven666, Bandit, theonlycourtney,Roxxi, The Only T,Art is a BANG, Hm!, Beloo, Chipo, Dayo,Happy Mushroom, Merry,Drago,iWannaBunny, Kesi Legend, Mad Dog, Lil'tiger, yakual and alot more for staying with me. Oh and a big thanks to Brian for making this wonderful site. :)

~ Oliviatc

It's a mistake to think that Oliviatc is out of place here on the front-page Artist of the Month spot, though her artistic style has little in common with any of the other artists who are regularly featured here. Rather, it is perhaps a truer expression of the nature of the honor: not a subjective judgment on whose art is the most accomplished or who has worked the hardest for it, but more a roving spotlight lifting to the forefront artists who might not otherwise have been given a second glance. Because the AotM is determined by the votes of the TLKFAA user community, and because there are so many outstanding artists in the community collecting the votes of their fans, votes are widely distributed and a clear commanding leader in the polling is seldom present. Yet TLKFAA users don't give out their votes lightly, and Oliviatc must be doing something right.

It's really not such a mystery. Oliviatc is one of the most active artists in the TLKFAA community, with over 1700 pictures uploaded since joining the site two years ago, making her the fifth most prolific contributor in the entire Archive. She's clearly at the beginning of her artistic career, but her zeal for the subject matter and the volume of her creative output make it clear how much she enjoys what she's doing and how big a role The Lion King plays in that creativity.

Producing page after page of colorful comics along with portraits and reference shots fleshing out her universe of original characters, Oliviatc works in pixel art (e.g. MS Paint) and has uploaded an average of about a picture a day—some days considerably more—throughout her career here at the TLKFAA. Her gallery is full of gifts and adoptables and other exchanges with her fellow artists, and it's clear that her approach to Lion King fan-art as a genre is as a social medium, a society in which the currency is art. The objective quality of the art itself is inconsequential compared to the role it plays, the value it represents as a bonding mechanism between like-minded creative individuals.

And that's perhaps what makes this month's AotM spotlight so opportune: it reminds us that there are as many different reasons for being part of the fan-art community as there are artists. Some are here to hone and refine an artistic skill so well-developed as to stagger the imagination of anyone who views it. Some are here to explore the creative potential of the expanded Lion King universe by peering into the future and past of the published canon material, and adding on brand-new material that fits (sometimes seamlessly, sometimes not) with what Disney created. And others, like Oliviatc, are here because the kinds of people who will spend their spare time drawing lions from a 16-year-old Disney movie are the kinds of people that are just plain fun to be around, and drawing pictures for them is a surefire way to forge those best kinds of friendships: the ones based on shared interests.

We're all here to watch each other develop and excel as artists, and we have to remind ourselves from time to time that that means different things for everybody. This month let's give Oliviatc a hand and congratulate her on her achievement!

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