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Andromeda, this month's honoree, is one of those artists with the "magic touch": the unmistakable ability to create a drawing that looks for all the world like it came from the desk of a professional studio artist. Her vibrant, canon-like scenes, with their slice-of-life sensibility and texture that looks as though it could have been from a licensed Disney comic or storybook (and indeed better drawn than many of the "official" subcontracted material), have made her a widely recognized and sought-after talent.
Whoa :D

I'm at a bit of a loss for what to write, but let me tell you, I'm SO excited. Like, fall out of my chair excited. You guys are all amazing, I love this community, and all the wonderful artwork that's inspired me over the years.

The Lion King is really a special movie to me. It must be, to have gathered so many people to share their art and creativity. The story, the characters, the music, the colors... Something about it just inspires people.

This site has helped me to grow as an artist more than anything else. Even way back when I was just starting out on this site, everyone I talked to was so positive and supportive. That hasn't changed. I still have a long way to go with my art, but it's a wonderful feeling to know I'm not the only one so hooked on a Disney movie about cartoon lions XD

Thank you, THANK YOU, everyone. Thank you to anyone who has commented on a picture, or asked for a trade, or thought my work was good enough to watch. This means a lot to me. And, of course, where would we be without Brian? He created this site, and allowed for such a great community to grow. So, thank you, Brian, so much!

Keep making your art, guys. As long as people keep posting, I'll stick around.

Thanks again! <333
Perhaps what is most striking about Andromeda's gallery, built up over four years of diligent work here at the Archive, is the almost exclusive focus on canon material. There's hardly a piece to be found in her main folder (or many of the others) that doesn't focus on Simba, Mufasa, Vitani, Nala, Scar, or at least one of the other official cast members—even oft-neglected and challenging characters like Zazu and Nuka get due attention. And it's from that that you get the feeling that Andromeda is genuinely serious about her craft, not just taking on those projects that she finds personally enjoyable, but the ones that she knows will provide her the biggest learning experience.

It's certainly paid off. Andromeda turns out picture after picture that gorgeously and lavishly depicts the lively world of The Lion King with everything from characters to backgrounds in faithful Disney style; and rather than just sticking to static portraits or tableaus, she tackles challenging subject matter like action scenes in which Nuka attacks Simba or lions play-fight feline-style. To be sure, her treatment of more sedate scenes is also admirable; some of the best work in her gallery is the material that lets characters interact through subtle facial expressions and body language, as in her explorations of the relationship between Scar and Mufasa.

What many of Andromeda's fans have discovered is her ability to adapt her work to banners, icons, and portraits. They easily recognize that the characteristics she can capture are the ones that make each personality subtly different, embodying cheerfulness, confidence, attitude, glee, sullenness, or any of a variety of other moods that are never as one-dimensional when applied to a character and combined with several other influences at once as when used on their own. On Andromeda's tablet, the design language of Disney's Lion King art becomes a toolkit to embody some of the most expressive of human emotions, and the result is some of the most engaging, approachable character art to come out of the TLKFAA community in its whole existence.

Say hi to Andromeda in Sketcher or at her gallery page, and enjoy!

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