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If there's one word to summarize Fluffybunny's work, it would have to be humor. Not verbal jokey humor or silly slapstick, but the kind of intricate, visual comic sense that comes to life with pop-cultural influences from everyday life making inroads into the otherwise familiar world of Lion King fan-art. Yet that humor often gives way to a dark undercurrent, a sensibility that taps into far more disturbing imagery than we might otherwise be used to, in pursuit of genuine artistic expression from a variety of influences. What results is a constantly changing, usually unexpected, always engaging and endearing body of work that traverses the artistic landscape from Renaissance woodcuts to digital comic pages.

*Walks up to the Microphone*

* *Mic feedback* Um...Hi...Err..

*Wind blows * *Speech papers fly away* Err... *flails*

Um... Well first off I'd like to thank Brian (for making this site) AnnieHyena (Annit), Blazing Black Mage, Celestiania, Kichai, Neo the Dragon, Raving Rodent and Suka (SUUUUKakakakakakakakHaaaaah~) And all the people who voted for me and other random and weird people on this site who make it what it is. ILU all ;_; Oh and the Purple Paint Sandcats and Fish Bumble Bees that live in my attic C;

I first started really drawing due to my Nan. She ran a painting class for the elderly and I often went along and learnt from them. I started off by drawing from photos and then moved to Anime (Yugioh lol) Then one day I drew a weird cat thing (now known as Solarus) and that was the start of my Twin Planet stories. After a while I found this site and started drawing Lion King too. Then I saw that other movie, ya know? Mulan *CoughCHIFUcough* And began to work on a totally different style based on the Orient.

My advice for those starting out? Stick with it and don't listen to those people who say you can't draw.. I've had a few myself (even teachers) who have said I wouldn't get anywhere in my art. You get better over time with practice (just looks at my old stuff D: Its horrible! And try out different things; Styles, Media, Animals, Anything that takes your fancy! Sticking to one thing will just make your art stagnate. Style comes to you over time, don't try to force it too much. And take inspiration from anything and everything. Artists on this site, professionals, even historic styles can be a source for inspiration!

My art isn't perfect, I have along way to go D: And my Twin Planet stories are nowhere near done. I still need to improve a lot. Just because I've got AotM doesn't mean I'm going to sit back, it just means I've got to work harder to improve and develop in both my art and stories.

Well peace out my awesome sauce peoples <3

Oh and one last thing..

Fluffybunny's variety of influences, not just from other Disney movies but from anime, live action, and dozens of other sources can be keenly felt all throughout her collection of diverse pieces of art. Just looking at the examples to the left and right gives you a small cross-section of the styles in which she's comfortable working—a seemingly endless array, with hardly any discipline off limits or beyond interest. There's a cartoony style with heavy outlines that recalls Western contemporary traditions, closely related to what we know as the "native" Disney style from the movies; there's a heavily stylized, nearly outline-free, digitally colored style that recalls Eastern woodblock prints and brush work; there's a heavily ornamented line-work style (see the middle right) that seems to evoke African folk imagery such as "Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears". And that's just the start of it. The number of styles represented in Fluffybunny's gallery is hardly fewer than the number of pictures.

And yet there's a common thread running through them all: the aforementioned humor. No matter what style is used for executing a particular picture, there's some aspect—hidden or not—that is there primarily to make us smile. Whether it's the flaming tag on Hao-Ka in the lower right, the outright satire of the "Saturday Morning lions" to the left, or merely the compositional contrasts between heavy detail on a character and vague abstract backgrounds, there's always something to enjoy totally apart from the artistic exercise Fluffybunny is undertaking with each picture. It's clear that a strong sense or humor is what helps keep her motivated, a genuine enjoyment in creating art for its own sake, for the feelings of fulfillment it generates. Helpful as the community here at the TLKFAA is in supporting that feeling, it exists on its own merit.

It's worthwhile not to mistake Fluffybunny's gallery for a place of sweetness and light, though. From the "Clockwork Beast" at left to equally dark pieces lurking in her folders, there's plenty of stuff to challenge the nerve of the curious. Sometimes all it takes is a foray into one of her more esoteric art styles, such as the hyper-realistic, yet stylized woodcut-like tradition shown in the "False Mirror" piece at right, to unsettle the viewer. Fluffybunny's gallery, of which "diverse" is far too subtle a term, is a fine demonstration of the power that art has to bring to the surface more than just its own inherent contents, but whatever the viewer brings along with him as well—sometimes to extraordinary effect.

It's hard to imagine anyone, especially a teacher, looking at Fluffybunny's work for more than a few seconds and proclaiming it the work of someone without talent. Clearly the polar opposite is the case: if this is the result of only a few years of hard and dedicated development work, then the next few years should bring some truly stunning, intricate, and ambitious works of the truest kind of art: the kind that not only fulfills the viewer's high expectations, but brings a well-deserved sense of accomplishment to the artist as well.


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