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This month's Featured Artist is BooYeh, an accomplished wielder of the tablet who in just over a year has made herself one of the best known names in all the disparate sections of the Archive. Her vibrant colors and expressive character designs provide a visual window into her mind, as she draws whether happy, sad, excited, bored, creative, or even uninspired. The result is a body of work that puts on display a complete and ongoing self-portrait, something not many artists can truly claim.
What's this? I start getting all these people commenting congratulating me, before I even knew, haha, and then I see the Brian letter, the Brian letter. Well I guess I'd better write something hadn't I?

Guess I should start by thanking all the people who voted, I'm extremely honored to receive this title; I'd thought about it sure, who hasn't, but I really wasn't expecting it anytime soon. And I'd also like to give a big thanks to Brian for creating and maintaining such a fantastic site.

Hmm, words of advice? It seems the best advice I've received is to do it your way, an artist and friend once told me that personality in your art is very precious; you may loose that if you try to be exact. So you could try drawing Simba JUST the Disney way, but you can do well making it your own.

I'd like to say a big-big thanks to all my friends I've made here (you know who you are xD), for bringing me back each time, for inspiring me, for cheering me up. Dunno where I'd be without you guys. This community is an amazing place, a place where I've made friends, a place I've grown, both as an artist and as a person. This place I know I have at least two things in common with every one of you: a love of drawing, and a love of that amazing Disney film that inspired so many of us.

You've all helped make a place for me here. I'll be sticking around for quite some time yet ^____^

One can look for a unique quality to BooYeh's work in the artistic style itself: in her evocative, well-chosen color palette, or in her soft digital outlines that eschew the crisp inked look in favor of a more loose and spontaneous edge, or in the appealing heft to the anatomy of her characters. But what stands out in her work the most may be her dedication and devotion to the craft, to the point where she'll draw even when the subject matter of the end result is nothing more than an illustration of her frustration with her creative output. The product of this, as it turns out, is some uniquely fascinating drawings and the skillful capture of emotions not usually committed to art. And it makes her all the better for it.

BooYeh's most frequent choice of subject is the character portrait or study, often without a background or a setting; the goal, as is usually the case with such drawings, is a more expressive character conveying a specific mood or mental state. It is this quality above all others that BooYeh appears to be pursuing, and with good reason: it's the discipline that is the clearest indicator of an artist's skill as a budding animator. While it's definitely true that BooYeh does some excellent backgrounds and scene settings, particularly in "atmosphere" pieces like the one at right, it's the sheer variety of poses and expressions that she puts on her characters that gives us the best feeling for how much innate skill she has with animation art. Her characters always read effortlessly, and their rounded features and engaging faces make them as appealing as the Disney originals.

What is often fun to find in BooYeh's gallery is a semi-complete, sepia-toned digital "sketch". As with many artists' pencil sketches, these drawings preserve the best of the energy of the original idea and don't lose it in the application of finishing technique and color, as can so often be the case. Aspiring artists can learn a great deal about proper construction and simplified anatomy over a line of action from interim sketches like BooYeh's.

Since she just recently celebrated her one-year anniversary here at the Archive, it's remarkable that BooYeh has posted over 500 pictures to her gallery, and shows no signs of stopping or even slowing down. It seems clear that this is only the beginning of an illustrious and enviable career.

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