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Winning the Artist of the Month spotlight by a veritable landslide is Tamb, a relative newcomer to the site who as been with us for less than a year. It's no mystery what has earned her so much support: with an insatiable appetite for drawing and a natural affinity for canon-centric settings, her art has an undeniable appeal that continues to grow.
8D Wow. I'd better type this up pretty quick before I faint from excitement! Hehe, I'll start with saying THANK YOU SO MUCH. Of course I've dreamed of getting this before, and people have said I deserve it occasionally... but I never actually believed I would get this, especially so soon! I haven't yet been on this website a year, but my time here has been SO MUCH FUN. Seriously! I have made SO many great friends! Thank you all so much!

I found out about lion king when I was about 10 or 11 years old in maybe... fifth grade? My friend suddenly got obsessed with it. She started drawing I like crazy. I was known as the artist of the class at that point, though back then I drew dragons and wolves, so I of course started drawing lions from that point. She introduced me to TLKFAA a couple months later. Of course, I didn't join until about 9 or 10 months ago. Before I had actually joined, I spent my days looking through the galleries of Rex, Tima (then Timali), Tailbrush (then Sarafina), and an assortment of other amazing artists. And I set my sights on improving.

I know you all probably want to know my "secret", or whatever. But the truth is, I don't have one. I've been drawing in TLK style since I was 11, and that is three years of practice. That's all I've been doing, practicing. Drawing with my friends on sketcher, trying to learn how to draw paws, getting frustrated with drawing paws, trying to draw head shapes, getting frustrated with drawing head shapes, but NEVER GIVING UP! (Trying to write an interesting speech, getting frustrated with writing an interesting speech, failing at writing an interesting speech...) |D

Now that I'm an aotm, don't think I'm gonna stop drawing! NO WAY! I'm gonna keep improving NO MATTER WHAT!

Don't give up, ever. THANKS AGAIN!

Thank you to ALL of my friends (you know who you are), thank you to every single one of my fans, and THANK YOU to Brian, for keeping this amazing site going!

And I can't think of anything else to say, so BYE!!! 8D
It's hardly a mystery why Tamb has won the support of so many fans: for all those people who seek out Lion King fan-art as a way to extend the experience and the sensations of the movies, canon-centric art that recaptures the look and feel of those movie elements as faithfully as possible is a sure-fire winner. And that's what Tamb excels at: colorful renditions of the well-loved movie characters, placed against settings whose rich background textures and detailed shading and linework will plunge the viewer right back into the moment, and bring all those emotions surging back.

As is so often the case with the most successful artists, however, it's Tamb's talent for expression and acting, more than the technical details of the execution, that makes her art so appealing. You don't see generic smiles and frowns on her characters, but rather carefully designed, individual poses involving both the face and body language in order to properly convey the mood of a scene. The best character-driven art is the kind where you can understand what someone is saying without even any captions or word bubbles present; if you can read a character's intent just by scanning his face, it's a successful piece of visual acting. And that's one of Tamb's great strengths.

Naturally, one of the biggest challenges Lion King artists face is in anatomy, particularly in how it correlates to the expression and personality that establishes the underlying structure of a scene. It's hard enough staring into a mirror and trying to draw your own facial expressions on a human character; it's on another whole level of difficulty when you're trying to translate mouth positions and eyebrow crinkles to the facial model of Disney-style lions. That skill is one of the things that makes a professional animation artist, and elevates the rare successful talents from all those who merely follow rote rules. Tamb is in no danger of becoming the latter, as anyone who peruses her work can tell at a glance. Her art takes no shortcuts, always seeking to learn something new from the experience, whether to explore some new facet of the canon storyline and setting, or to present a well-known character in an uncharacteristic situation, or just to depict a slice of life with canon and fan-created characters intermingled on a lazy afternoon. There's always something in it to push the limits of what's comfortable for her as an artist, and always something to ensure that her latest work will look better and better.

Congratulations to Tamb, and good luck in her future artistic development!

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