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This month we recognize an artist who has been a fixture of the TLKFAA community for nearly four years. Toraz has produced copious amounts of art in her time here, showing immense progress in the past couple of years in particular, to the point where her name is right on the tip of the tongue when anyone asks who makes some of the best, most appealing Lion King fan-art around.
WOW TLKFAA Thank you so much for this months votes for me! I'm still kind of on that floaty cloud called 'I cannot quite believe it quite yet.' I suppose I gotta go and see the front page for myself when it's up, haha. Wow what to say, uhm well first ofcourse, I want to thank all the people who made this possible for me. My friends (You guys know who you are! I love you all so so much! *CLINGHUGSPAZFLAIL*), family, God ofcourse for giving me the talent of being able to draw and ofcourse Brian who made this site! Without you TLKFAA wouldn't be what it is right now, thanks for your patience with us, (sometimes very annoying) kids! You're the best! :D

Well ofcourse now you all wonder what it started right? I don't quite know really, I've got a box full of old drawings that date back to 2002 so I suppose that's when I really seriously started drawing. I discovered the fandom around 2003-2004 through sending an e-mail to one of the artists on here that I really admired. I was so stunned that they actually sent one back and told me to join the TLKFAA too! This was Darth Akila / Seba, I don't really know if she's on TLKFAA anymore, but I do know she's still active on dA. But that aside, I think I started lurking for a while first and actually joined when Daanzi was Aritst of the Month. I've always wanted 'to be' like her and here I am now, at that same spot she was five years ago. After that I started designing some characters, tried drawing alot but I wasn't really someone who improved fast and all. But hey I guess the slow ones get there too right :) Ofcourse there were always times that things were downhill but I never stopped drawing. And that's what you guys should do too. It's such a shame to let a beatiful talent and gift like drawing go to waste, so draw I say! Draw every day, look at photos, draw from real life, try new poses and expressions and you'll see you WILL get better.

I often hear (young) artist say things like. "Wow I wanna draw like you." Then I will reply with sometimes the harsh comment of: "You never will." Don't get me wrong, I will explain :) I believe that everyone has their own way of drawing, no matter how you try to draw the same picture over and over again, you will never ever get it too look exactly the same. You all got your personal, UNIQUE style, and that is something you all should develop. Don't look at others and think 'Wow I want to be like them.' But rather improve with your own style. I mean what's the fun in being clones of eachother? Difference I say! :) There are no people that look exactly the same. Your drawing style I something what I believe is something very, very personal and a part of you. Don't let it go to waste, please ♥

Hmm well I won't bore you guys anymore with my ramblings :) Thank you all so much again, each and everyone who ever left a comment, faved a picture, voted for me or even just viewed my page. Every word really means alot to me :)

~ Tor
One of the hallmarks of Toraz's work is a playful, courageous sense of stylization: manes become spiky haloes, facial expressions morph into anime-like shorthand, and a riot of colors bring to life species like "larkos" which combine leonine features with boisterous custom design.

It's easy to see why Toraz gravitates toward this kind of style. With a penchant for smoothly colored digital art produced by tablet, in which there's a natural appeal in lighthearted and whimsical character designs and comic-layout humor, she is able to bring her characters' personalities—and the situations wherein they express them—to life without the constraints of physical media. It's simpler to produce a comic page with the aid of software than to be limited to what real-media tools can create; and what's more, a silly concept (like, say, Simba in diapers) that takes shape in the raucous idea incubator of Sketcher happens all the more easily than an idea developed all in isolation. Toraz's work is a testament to the creativity of the TLKFAA community and the inspiration it can impart to the individuals who comprise it.

It certainly helps that Toraz is so good at what she does. Her vibrant colors and confident anatomy distinguish one character unmistakably from the next; the cast of characters populating her gallery, whether they're her own characters or requests from friends who recognize her talent, is vast and yet interesting from one end to the other. This is another mark of how effective the community is in inspiring an artist to achievement: character after character, trade after trade, each one brimming with vibrant energy and Toraz's trademark stylizations. It must be said that her trading partners have excellent taste.

Perhaps most interesting, though, is observing Toraz's canon art and how it has progressed in the years she's been with the Archive. She has divided it into two folders within her gallery, separating out the material from 2006 and before; while it's not a huge proportion of the work she's done, you can tell it remains a major guiding light for Toraz to adhere to the physical feeling given by the movie: the solidity of build and structure, the appealing facial features, the the technical mood-enhancing color schemes. In developing her style to come ever closer to the Disney artists' models, Toraz has retained a great number of her own unique flourishes, ensuring that her style is always recognizable even when we're looking at our familiar favorites in new and amusing situations.

Toraz has a lot to be proud of, not least of which is a devoted group of fans and followers who work with her in Sketcher and elsewhere, and whose combined efforts have brought Toraz to the spotlight this month as our Featured Artist. Congratulations!

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