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This month's Featured Artist is one of those people you just know is bound to get the spotlight one day or another—it's just a matter of time. With a far-reaching imagination and boundless ambition, Redbuzzard shows a mastery of art as a discipline, not just a hobby or a pastime, and we can feel proud and privileged to see a prolific and successful artistic career get part of its start with Lion King fan-art.
Oi! I really didn't expect this x3 First I want to thank everyone who voted for me, my friends here and of course Brian for making this fantastic website.

Beginning 2005 I found TLKFAA and fell in love with all the art here. To be serious... I thought everyone here was an employee from the Disney studio. I got inspired and since then I never lost my interest in art. Every year I tried to learn and improve.

I'm still a Disney-freak, what amazed me the most about TLK and other Disney movies is not only the canon characters and story, but also those amazing background paintings which made the movie so alive. Since then I knew what I wanted to be. An Illustrator and environmental painter(= background paintings.)

I never thought about giving up. This website constantly gave me the motivation to keep going and inspiration. (many thanks and love to Xako) I've learned every style of drawing ,shading, techniques, lightning, coloring, compositions , anything in the world of art. And still I need to continue learning and practicing. Im a young artist, I make a lot of mistakes. But hey, you learn from mistakes . And that goes for everyone!

What I want to tell to others who want maybe to improve.Draw every day, draw with your eyes, not with your hands! Use your knowledge, learn, practice, and study. Do more than digital art, traditional is as fun to do too.

Once again, thanks :D
In the four years she's been a part of the TLKFAA, Redbuzzard has climbed the ladder of natural ability to heights few others have achieved. Just look, for example, at the giraffe picture at the top left: already, easily one of my favorite pieces in the entire Archive. It's inventive, fearless, and masterfully executed, with a gorgeously rendered sky, pleasingly out-of-focus foreground grass, a compelling shorthand for hair/fur, and a subject that pushes the boundaries of innate anatomical understanding and careful study. It tells you everything you need to know about Redbuzzard in one concise package.

What it doesn't tell you is just how far Redbuzzard has come in those four years. She has thoughtfully kept some of her oldest work online in a folder for perusal (the bottom right image is an example of her work from that era), and comparing her earliest stuff—which isn't bad at all, mind you, just comparatively unremarkable—to her most recent pieces is nothing short of inspiring. Yet as she reiterates, artistic excellence is not a goal, it's a process—and one that's never complete.

The subject matter Redbuzzard chooses for her constant challenges to herself is as rich and varied as you'll see sampling the work of any ten artists on the TLKFAA: there's whimsical cartoonish fancy, there's fantasy-poster-grade fine art, there's experimental sketch art, there's character portrait art without setting, there's impressive impromptu Sketcher work, there are detailed and disciplined studies of color and form, and there's laugh-out-loud visual comedy to be found here and there as well. About the only downside to Redbuzzard's gallery is that it's so small, being only a subset of her work in the past few years. It seems to go without saying that she's created a great many more pieces over her career that we'll have to wait for a more propitious time to see. But that's all right; we can wait. Good art takes time, and a good presentation of a personal portfolio can be art in its own right.

Between her gallery here and her DeviantArt site, Redbuzzard has carved out a unique and unmistakable place for herself in the art world, letting her eyes and mind explore the creative potential of other worlds than just that of The Lion King. Yet looking at the level of achievement evident in her recent fantasy-themed work, it seems clear that any time she spends honing her skills and style here in the Lion King universe is time we can consider well spent.


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