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DJ Coulz

DJ Coulz is as much a "fixture" of the Archive as any artist can be. With her vivacious personality, her unique "rocker" flair, and her high profile as an energetic contributor and commenter on others' art, hers is one of a few names that has become almost synonymous with the TLKFAA community over the last several years. However, it is perhaps her focus on canon art that has really sets her apart; she's found a balance between her own edgy style and the canon universe that keeps her fulfilled and her fans hungry for more.
Well I never thought I would make it to the front of TLKFAA haha. But I'm here! Shows even a crazy Rock N' Roll chick like me can get here with some elbow grease. Its been a really fun adventure on here. I think I joined back in 2002 And I have met so many people along the way, this place has a great community with tons of original artists who are all really nice. I don't plan on leaving anytime soon.

I got into TLK like many of you, I saw the movie when I was younger n' I was visually n' mentally drawn to the characters and the awesome visual presentation. It inspired me to expand my drawing horizons. And even got me into working with digital works, and this place is a great way to expand that. Scar was always my favorite character because or his rich details n' personality. And has inspired many of my very bold personal characters.

All I have to say 'bout this place is. People always want as many comments n' fans as they can get. Truth is its about the art here. Its YOUR art and as long as it fits the rules you should express yourself. But if you want to make people happy draw canon, explore the world of TLK that has been laid out for you. People love it. But it is also fun to have you own characters that are a unique expression of yourself. A good mix of things is always good. Be your self n' show everyone who you are. Spending time complaining wont get you anywhere. Its just about having fun. 8] And Always keep Brain in your thoughts, he has put up with my crazyness, and all of us.

Now to my shout outs. First and foremost I would like to thank Kourukon for being my favorite artist on here. She always inspired my artwork on different levels and she was very nice to me, which I also though was very cool. Second I gotta thank my hun Dante n' crazy Maz Borune. They were my first close friends on here n' we had plenty of adventure along the way. They have inspired many good things out of me. And I love them for it. *huggles n' kisses Sam n Maz* I would also love to shout out my favorite group of rocker chicks. DJ88, Ratha, Thrasher, n Maggot. All of whom are my TLKFAA Sisters in crime. 88's Like my twin sister from Arizona, who other than been there for me in hard times, has also stretched my abilities in anatomy and drawing. Ratha was my first favorite artist on here, her original style and characters made me a huge fan now we are good friends. Thrash-pants has always been a joy to talk to and kept me going through much of this. And Maggot who has been very cool, and helped me out with anatomy many times without knowing it. Lastly thanks to all my fans, YOU have kept me going here. Your support n comments do not go unnoticed and I appreciate every single one of them.

Well before I ramble to much, I have one last thing to say. Keep on rockin'! ;]
Like a few other artists on the Archive, DJ Coulz's work is often not for the faint of heart. Her inspirations do draw from the movie and the canon universe (as is clear from the large number of excellent canon pictures in her gallery); but she is driven to creativity in the first place by a force embodied in her "rocker" persona, a conglomeration of bands and attitudes with a decidedly "adult" aspect.

Naturally there's some difficulty finding the overlap between a world full of thrash-metal guitars and torn jeans and another full of lions and hyenas; but DJ Coulz has managed it. Far from finding the world of The Lion King to be too childish or simplistic for a world torn by the realities of humanity, she seems to use it as an escape and an opportunity for good old-fashioned fun—something many artists have trained themselves away from being able to experience, just because they take their art too seriously. It's refreshing to see such a healthy balance in action.

It's certainly no challenge to find something to like in DJ Coulz's gallery. Her canon work, as a quick perusal will show, is top-notch, with a level of finish and polish that's the equal of any of the best artists here, and an on-model sensibility that ranks with the professionals at Disney. What's interesting about it, though, is seeing the energy bubbling just below the surface: even in a canon portrait of Mufasa or Scar or Nuka, you can just sense that there's something deeper in the character's eyes, some energy that's just short of bursting out. If the picture in question were being created for DeviantArt or some similar site, it would surely be out there on the surface for all to see; but in the canon world of The Lion King, it's manifested in just a slight bit more rawness and electricity bringing a well-loved character to life.

But if you venture into her "RockStars" folder, you'll find more of the direct manifestations of the bridge between the two worlds DJ Coulz loves. Portraits of rockers in leonine form, depictions of interactions in the real world—just look at her eerily accurate rendition of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler (at left) for an example of where her musical inspiration takes her.

Of course, if you really want to delve deep into the stream of consciousness that is DJ Coulz's life and inspiration, head to her "DJ (ME)" folder. That's where she chronicles her own life through the medium of both sides of her artistic expertise, the Lion King side and the rock-star side. The fusion of these two phenomena really come together there, and it's there that the mixture makes as much sense as anywhere else in her gallery. The raw emotion and energy present there feed into the aforementioned barely-hidden energy in her art and elevate it to a really special level.

DJ Coulz has been a big part of what makes the TLKFAA community what it is for a long time now, and it's hard to picture the Archive without her. Congratulations on an outstanding and long-overdue achievement!

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