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BlueJay is one of the more distinctive artists on the Archive, with a unique yet engaging angular style executed vibrantly on the tablet. With more than 600 pictures uploaded in just about two years with the site, her progress from beginner to Artist of the Month has been steady and unstoppable.
Wow oh my D: I really don't know what to say or how to start this. :c And you all are so silly, but a good silly. I love you all ;w; First off, I'm a typo queen so excuse my spelling. c: ...Okay, umm D: When I saw this in my inbox I flipped out, seriously. I really didn't think I'd get it this month, but you guys proved me wrong I guess. I had to go to bed though, (just by chance opened to see if I had any spam to delete.. xD) But I couldn't sleep because this is all I could think about. D: Okay so .. *clings to you all*

This is going to be like, short, but that's okay. :c I'm not the best writer in the world. Before I even joined here I was just kinda floating around, and checking it all out. Found this site off Google actually, I forget what I was searching xD But hurrah for Google <3 I joined here sometime in '05, and one of my first friends was Bex. :D She was my first trade too. <3 We had to figure out how to trade before we did one though. xD Ah as all (i hope) the people here, i've seen the movie The Lion King manyyy times. It's one of my all time favorite movies, even though that's not what spurred my art. Though when I found this site I just had to start drawing cats, and joined as soon as I had a scanner c: But yeah, I got off topic.. I still love to watch that movie when I'm home sick, or just when I feel like it. I think I still cry when Mufasa dies.. :c

Also, I hear so much "oh my i hate how i draw" Seriously, I hated how I drew for a long time, but I looked at the things i liked, and I enjoyed my art, and I loved to draw, no matter what anyone said to me. You just improve the more you draw, and the more you practice. (: Never give up you guys, just go look at my "old art" section for inspiration. xD I'm sure you'll giggle. But really <3 Just make friends, go on sketcher, talk, and enjoy this place (: And never leave >8D no ahaha ... but really don't, this is such a good community, I don't know why you'd wanna give that up. I don't ever wanna leave here, really. I'll be here 'till I'm 80 years old if I can still draw. c|

Seriously, All of you are awesome. D: I wanna thank a few of my really close superawesome friends, because they deserve it. and I love them oodles. I love you Ang, Hinari, Tidus, Apex, Bex, Dille, Edward_Elric, Snowy, Tam, Sombra and SH. There are SOMANY more people that I want to love. I wish I could share my whole list with you, but that would make up a whole speech in itself xD

Also, everyone's been talking about drama. I want all of you to hug and love each other <: Forget all this drama stuff, (even though I never seems to see it, I must have bad timing). I want to say so much more, but I really don't know how. Anyways I'll run off now. With a big thanks to Brian for keeping this place up and running, and a thanks to alla you guys for being so super~ c:

BlueJay's words about improving from one's beginnings are ones that every artist—particularly those just starting out—might well take to heart. It's easy for novice artists to get discouraged at their own rate of progress, especially in the company of so many greatly talented artists (like, just as an example, BlueJay herself). But as her body of work demonstrates, you just need a few things to succeed as an artist: hard work, patience, and above all a positive outlook on your own art. You've got to have fun with it, and that includes being able to look at your earliest drawings and be inspired to further achievement, not embarrassed into immobility.

BlueJay's art, as it happens, provides a perfect illustration of the fruits of such an attitude. Take a look at her earliest work, and you'll see character portraits and line-art in a style that bears only the faintest resemblance to her most recent stuff. Yet by mid-2006, about a year after joining the Archive, her drawings began to take on her trademark character design style and distinctive linework, and—perhaps even more significantly—newly ambitious poses and compositions, showing a playful willingness to have her characters interact with the framing shape of the image. Most of what BlueJay draws are character portraits and model sheets, and yet within that seemingly limiting genre she's managed to bring out an engaging variety among the characters that come to life on her tablet, by focusing on the subtler technical points of each image's execution.

Perhaps most remarkable is seeing how in recent months BlueJay's art has branched out from the usual felines into more challenging, less frequently drawn subjects, such as various species of African birds whose head and body structures are seldom mastered even by professional animators—yet BlueJay brings them to life with seeming ease. Looking at her drawings of these characters, and then looking back at her earliest uploads, it's hard to believe they were done by the same person. Yet this is an ideal example of where you can get if you turn art from a chore into a passion, viewing each new challenge as an opportunity to learn new techniques and refine your abilities until you've raised yourself to a whole new level.

Many artists on the Archive today get all too caught up in the perceived obligation to improve too much, too fast, as though anyone could be expected to become the Featured Artist overnight. But rushing things only ever results in frustration. Taking BlueJay's approach—giving it time, and allowing the enjoyment of the art for its own sake to dictate your creativity, and not a feeling of competitiveness or rivalry—means you'll end up with an artistic style you love using. When that happens, art becomes its own reward; and an artist who draws just because it's fun is a true powerhouse, as BlueJay demonstrates.

Congratulations to BlueJay, and best wishes for her future work!

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