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With a fluid, soft, almost ethereal technique and a unique stylized method for blending human characteristics with leonine features, Boait is an artist who has made the absolute most of her time here on the Archive and proved just how far you can go if you're willing to put in the effort. She's also got some interesting food for thought for her fellow artists:
You're all destroying my cool, underground artist image o_ó Just kidding ...what to say? "I never thought to be aotm" or "to be aotm isn't important for me" would be a lie. I'm a member since 2004 and my first pic was crappy XD~ omg. But since then I tried to do my best cause on this place was the first time that no one says something like "arg your crap stop drawing :( ". The first time that I get any attention ,the ppl around giving me so much motivation .I worked hard but that never means that I lose the fun on drawing cause the ppl here always know how to cheer me up ,the ppl here don't praise you if you good and look away if you feel bad ,they aren't just interested on the picture, they interested on the person behind the pictures . And that is why I'm on this community since 3 years. And I hope ppl vote for me cause my picture are more then "character with background picture" *haha*

Another thing I want to say, don't handle artist which you think they are really good like gods. I see this around sometimes, and I think that praise ppl like a god destroy the personality of this ppl , cause they sometimes become really arrogant. Don't be shy to ask for help if you like someone's picture, I would never get that far if I never asked someone for help . Oh and yes I want thanks Brian cause he had much trouble with me since 2004 XD, too big picture (they would print , big like the empire state building XD) , weird picture names and off-topic picture >.< .And I want to thank him that I hold this archive clean for us , so we have the chance to find really dear friends . I want to thank...I don't want to say "fans" , I prefer artist colleague over fans :) for the nice time , for your attention , for every comment , for your votes , for your art-trades, your requests , for your surprise picture and for your favourites.

And I want to thank one special person, N'kira... Cause she was always there for me if a had a big drama (I'm a dramatic person really XD) if she weren't there I would be a big "drama-llama" and nobody would like me, cause I would leave the Internet 7 times a week (okay I'm not just dramatic, I'm dramatic and sensitive XD).

At least what more to say? Thank you all again ...and no I'm not going to do expensive commissions X3

And now, excuse me I have to tell my Family :)

Some artists focus on energy, some on humor, and some on pure technical excellence working within the Disney style. But Boait is one of those rare artists who has a vision all her own, one that we only seem to be getting a tiny glimpse of through the art she produces. As her own words indicate, she takes her work here very seriously—not in the sense that it validates or justifies a hobby that many might not appreciate, but in the sense that she really, truly enjoys it. To her, it seems, art is a sincere vocation, just like anything you might study in life, and she's motivated not by fame or accolades but by improvement for its very own sake. That's the purest form of the artistic endeavor, and Boait seems to be one of the best examples of it.

Only a few samples of her art appear to the left and the right, the newer ones appearing after the older ones; but I encourage you to check out her gallery page—you're sure to be in for a treat. Boait's work is experimental and daring, intense without being garish, and not energetic but full of life. She works in pastels and luminous back-lit color palettes with soft, flowing outlines, and this is perhaps one of the most effective ways to capture the feline form—as many of the examples in her gallery demonstrate. Unique, dynamic poses; enaging facial expressions; sinuous, well-balanced forms—she does it all.

Boait's philosophy toward artistic development, above, is also well worth attention. We're fortunate here in this community in that almost everyone in it is an artist—very few participants are just passive viewers of the art. Everyone here is in it for the same reasons: to improve their own work through absorbing the techniques of the artists they admire. Peer-level interaction is absolutely key to this, and one of the great strengths of the TLKFAA is that artists are equals, able to share their experiences and grow their skills alongside each other, without being overshadowed by "superstars" or intimidated into giving up. Anyone who has the same hunger for excellence that artists like Boait do can achieve just what she and so many others have: they can become masters of the form of animation-style art that we all fell in love with when we first saw The Lion King.


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