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When most artists develop their skills, it's usually a matter of learning the fundamental techniques and knowledge that lend to a well-rounded artistic background through which the artist can eventualy learn to express his or her own personality. With atsaki, it's a little different; she seems to have started out with all the personality in the world, and her development has been all about the maturing of her artistic discipline.
heh...X) *is happy*

to tell you all the truth i never thought i would get so far here c:

when i first found this page i was intimidated by all those artists and their skills, i remember that i always said "pfff artist of the month, so far for me....ill never get it that far " i decided to oficially join the site on november of 2004, and uploaded my first pic oh yes...the good oldies lD....anywayz,*continues with boring speech* i cant give the whole credit to me, a lot of people have helped me , and continues helping me, and i hope theyll be always there, cuz its impossible to notappreciate that kind of people C:

rrrrreturning to the main subject, thanks to everyone who voted me in this occasion, this shows me how much ive improved, and how much i must improve X)

sorry for the boring speech there XD im really bad at this kind of stuff, and more when i have to be a bit...not too much like me lD (you know what i mean XD) small kids read this 8l *slaps self*

i have nothing more to say but BOH 8U

p.s: D8 l8 D8 l8 D8 l8 D8 l8 D8 l8 BOH

Looking back at some of atsaki's earliest work reveals an artist with exuberant energy and great creativity—so much of it that it constantly strained at the boundaries of what her skills could sustain. The two and a half years that have passed since then have shown a maturing of her skills that has a lot more to do with tightening up the lines and the presentation, the formality and the color, than with developing the kind of artistic energy that most people have to work at bringing out. atsaki has had that all along; what she's been doing is refining it to a knife's edge.

Her recent work is definitely a treat for the eyes. Sunsets flaunt brilliant color; big cats flaunt their solid proportions and quiet dignity (and cuteness to boot); and her comic work, featuring simplified and hysterically funny drawings of limbless yet extra-expressive characters, flaunts that same exuberant energy that her earliest work promised of. atsaki has developed her body of work into a well-diversified collection with its super-silly entries right alongside some beautifully mature, polished big-cat art.

It's really instructive, though, to go back and pay close attention to the oldest stuff, and to see how she's developed her work since then. Up-and-coming artists can see from her example how it's not just a matter of building up that library of skills that everyone's always striving to amass. It's also about having fun, expressing yourself, and getting things down on paper—even before you've got your mental toolkit fully prepared to really do it justice. If you go into it with that energy driving you forward, it will show through in your art and speak to viewers no matter how skilled you are.

With nearly 500 pictures uploaded here, atsaki is one of the most prolific artists on the Archive, constantly drawing, constantly pushing herself forward. Her work these days is among the best in the fandom. But no matter how technically perfect it is, it wouldn't be nearly as notable if it weren't for the energy that's kept her hard at work and that keeps bursting out of her fun-loving comedic art whenever you turn around.

Congratulations to atsaki, and best of luck in her future work!

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