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In less than a year, maquenda has risen to become one of the best-known and most active highly accomplished artists on the Archive. With a style rich in color and detail, yet with an understated quality that seems to indicate an inner depth, her work is really something special.
wow...Ô___Ô okeeey?!...Aotm..tehee...uhm...yeah?..guess i have to write something XD

First i wanna uhm..thank you all who voted for me ^^;..tehee..and all the people who have me in their faves 8O and Brian for making this site ofcourse :P

okey i joined this site since 2006 :D because....i like The Lion King C: you can see my first lion i drew 0__0...just terrible! XD and i also tried to draw like tlk style..:I but i realy liked i was searching for something different, another style. c: i like it now and i hope to improve more :D and for everyone who wanted to know this: my fursona is not a goat! >:I and i use a mouse D: not a tablet..tablets sucks XD..well..mine did..>__>

so a BIG HUG for my friends especially Saigon, Tamu, Timali, Anguloke 8U, Kara, Rednight, XaKo, and much more 8DD

so *cough* short text i know c8...and forgive me my bad English XD

Many digital artists would be shocked at finding out that maquenda doesn't use a tablet for her work—as richly colored as it is, and with such masterful gradients and effects, it seems hardly possible that it can be done using only a mouse. But not only is it true, it's enabled maquenda to turn out some of the most strikingly beautiful art yet seen on the Archive. With her unerring sense for color and mood, she creates sunsets, starry nights, and hazy savannah scenery with an expert eye.

Character portraits are a particular specialty for maquenda, who tackles species from lions to snow leopards to meerkats to gazelles, all with accurate proportions and a realism to their features that exceeds that of Disney's art. Yet there's still personality in their faces, which is a neat trick to pull off: realistic creatures that can project vivid human expressions without being too cartoony.

Even her canon TLK work has that additional realism factor to it—not to such an extreme degree as some artists, but enough to give it that extra "kick". Looking at art like maquenda's, it gets you thinking about the many different ways that an artist can anthropomorphize an animal to give it human personality and character—Disney's balance between cartooniness and realistic body construction is one valid avenue, but there are plenty of others that work equally well, as maquenda's art demonstrates so vividly.

While her character work and surety of line are hallmarks of her work, what I keep coming back to that makes maquenda's stuff special is her coloring. Even just looking at her custom toolbar icons is enough to convince a viewer that this is an artist who has a future in landscape painting, mood-lit portraits, or color keys, if she should choose to pursue a career in animation art. Surely the industry could do far worse than to hire talent with this kind of innate sense for what can take a drawing from a simple sketch to a work of art.

Congratulations to maquenda!

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