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She might not consider her art worthy of being highlighted in this way, yet Saigon was the clear winner of this month's Featured Artist spot, with a bigger majority of the votes than I've seen in a long time. It's clear that this is no fluke, too; her work is exceptional, enough so to earn accolades far beyond what the mere half-year she's been here would seem to command.
ô__0..."unbelievable...there must be a mistake..." I really don't know what else to say when I opened the e-mail from Brian. It's such a weird guys vote for ME?

Ya, what can I write in the "Artists own words"

Just THANK YOU! Thank you to all the people who have supported me over the last 7 month and helped me over some bad times.*huuuuggs* and thanks to each one who voted for me and a special thanks to Brian for making this great side! :)

Ok, a little bit about me...I started to draw I think shortly after TLK was published, but I got discouraged of my bad results and stopped it. (guys that was a baaad mistake v_v) I resumed drawing 2 years ago with mostly anime pictures but then, ya then I found TLKFAA. All the amazing artists here — particularly Kobb, who was Aotm at the time — insprired me to draw lions again and as you can see I get hooked on this fluffy big cats. =)

I started to practise especially different poses and tried new ways of coloring and shading my pictures. Some artists also cheered me on to draw different things apart from lions :) So I would like to encourage other people to experiment a lot, it`s probably the only way get, what an advice x)

Okay...uhm, I just can say that I could only dream that I would become Aotm one day when I joined this archive. It's kinda fulfilment of a dream and the greatest honor I've ever been given and it`s also a honor that I was able to find such great friends here :)

Thanks for everything! <3

Saigon's style is what can perhaps be considered the very essence of what Lion King fan-art is all about: so close to the visual language of the original movie, with its unique and characteristic flourishes of character design, as to give us the impression that she's illustrating a genuine continuation of the story we saw up on screen. Her characters are believable and three-dimensional, employing the flattish animation coloring that in itself suggests the economy of movement you'd expect from hand-drawn 2D animation, rather than the more lavish and stylized computer-coloring that many other artists choose to use. While this means that Saigon's work doesn't have the "poster art" kind of look that many artists tend to prefer, her characters look like they stepped straight off the movie screen.

Even though Saigon's work is geared toward following Disney's stylistic cues as accurately as possible, her primary focus tends to be on character portraits—standalone figures of characters both canon and fan-created, and each one with a unique pose and presentation. In fact, it's in these character portraits that we get a sense of what Saigon is really able to accomplish so effectively: by focusing on characters out of the context of a scene in-story, she's able to tackle challenging and fascinating poses that few of even the seasoned professionals would think to attempt. A case in point is her Sarabi portrait, created for the purpose of a tutorial showing off her restrained yet amazingly precise coloring and linework styles, yet using a pose that demonstrates that Saigon isn't afraid of the artistic challenge that capturing a character's essence really entails.

Lest I give the wrong impression, I should also point out that Saigon's style isn't completely Disney's, either. Her fully realized character studies show a sense of rounded, compact physical balance that's uniquely her own. It's a style of composition and layout that lends itself more to graphic design and still portrait imagery than to the malleable, squash-and-stretch rough-and-tumble of animation. But it should be obvious that if Saigon has been able to train herself with such dedication to bring new life to the canon Lion King world with such a convincing style that we might well imagine the movie itself never ended, then surely none of the disciplines of animation art—whichever she finds most fulfilling and challenging—will ultimately be beyond her reach.

Congratulations, Saigon!

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