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What can be said about this month's winner, Anguloke? That her oddball sense of humor is one of the most unique in the entire Archive, certainly. That it instills her artwork with a sense of goofy fun seldom, if ever, matched on this site. That her self-effacing approach to her work makes her approachable and popular. Oh, and also that her art is good... really good. Yes, that too.
"holy... cheese... D: you guys really are all insane!! <3

I'll make this short so my bad spelling won't kill you. I seriously never thought I'd ever get this when I first joined this site. I really have no idea what to say other than THANK YOU!! D: Especially my friends and all the crazy people from sketcher who helped me o3o (you know who you are 8D)

Whoopie! Finally another potato got AotM :D and now, a few of the artist's own words; Rourbikodmy, sandwich, IBC, unibrows are cool, salmon is the best fish ever. Anyhey about the Ang, I started to draw around September last year, and found this site while searchin' for pictures, and did the big mistake of joining D; and drawing became an obsession C: okay my head is now empty for words... so...


ps. Jzhitotåka shall eat your socks while you sleep, peace"
Dip into Anguloke's gallery and you're bound to have fun. There's more humor, goofiness, and just general good-natured playfulness bound up in her (currently) 87 pictures than in most other artists' several-hundred-strong online portfolios. What it conveys, without a doubt, is that she's doing it for the sheer joy of creation, of experimenting with all those things about animation art that we all love so much but can hardly ever express in words. Only art itself will do.

Animation art comes naturally to Anguloke, as is in clear evidence in any of her pictures chosen at random, whether the ones to the left and right or the ones on her full gallery page. Not all of them exhibit her impulse to humor, but you can see it bubbling just under the surface of any picture she's done, whether it's a quickly computer-colored pencil sketch displaying energetic action, or a mere character reference sheet. There's always that elusive "spark" that shows up all too infrequently even among accomplished artists, but is common to just about all professional animators. It's the ability to instill a drawing with life every bit as convincing as the real thing, and Anguloke has the mastery of it.

She's a regular at the Sketcher on this site, and certainly does her part to keep its zaniness levels high, as you can see from the drawings she's done there and uploaded to her gallery. But it's her finished art that's enjoyed the full benefit of the transition from raw sketch to complete digitally colored work that really dazzles, because not only does Anguloke have the ability to make her pencil sketches sparkle with life, she can also preserve that energy even through to the polished final product. This is a skill that even the best of the pros struggle with, so it's always a particular treat to see it mastered so well.

Anguloke doesn't do too much in the way of completely rendered scenes, preferring rather to focus on character portraits and slices of life that portray particular emotions and attitudes. There's certainly nothing wrong with this, especially when it's executed so well; it indicates an artist who's focused on animation art for its purest essence: capturing the life of a character in a few well-chosen lines, and then moving on to the next challenge.

Budding artists like Anguloke pretty much have their pick of places online to make their artistic home; we can all count ourselves lucky that until she makes it big—and we know she will—Anguloke has picked the TLKFAA for hers.

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