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This month's Featured Artist comes to us though several other artistic traditions and fan communities, demonstrating that Lion King fan-art is an amply rich feast for creative possibilities and a welcoming destination for artists seeking to find their unique voices. Her past experience in other disciplines makes her Lion King art all the more special.
Um, man, where to begin. I'll try not to get too long-winded about my beginning here (which was over three years ago! Yikes). For me, my joining TLKFAA and my introduction into this community didn't really come about because of the movie. Sure, I remember being seven years old and dragging my sister and dad to the movie theater every weekend when TLK was released, so it's always been a part of my childhood. I used to have all the merchandise, the plushies, the coloring books, the toys, but it all fades as you grow older, you know?

It wasn't until three years ago when I stumbled upon TLKFAA out of chance. At the time, I had been going through a tough time with my art. I had just decided to stop drawing anime at the time, and I was searching for something to help expand my horizons, but at the same time something I had an emotional connection with. It was when I found the Archive that I decided I would try my hand at Lion King fanart.

The rest, as they say, is history. ;]

I had never really thought of the prospect of being AotM. But now, to be counted among those artists whom I admire and look up to, is the greatest honor I've ever been given.

I really need to thank all of you who voted for me. All the friends I've made here, all the people who helped me realize that my art is actually worth something. I work hard for my art, and I put a lot of my emotions into all the pieces I make. Sometimes I have nowhere else to turn to, but my tablet, or my pencil. I know a lot of you feel the same. I can see it in the work, and even though this is a fanart site, that doesn't mean that the feelings you put into your art, your characters, and even the canon characters aren't real.

So thank you all! Thank you Brian for this amazing place, where we can all come together and share our gifts and talents. Thank you the wonderful friends I've made because of TLKFAA. Thank you to those of you who have voted for me, favorited a picture or two, or left a comment or two. I draw because it makes me feel good, but the love from everyone here makes it all worthwhile.

So thank you again! Keep rockin' TLKFAA, y'all are the coolest bunch I've ever met. ;D

-Elbereth <3
One of the most obvious things about Little-Bird's art, to a newcomer to her gallery, is her dedication to unique design for each of her characters. Every portrait or scene she's done shows off a different set of proportions, weight, facial features, demeanor, and other physical characteristics—rather than relying primarily on special markings or colorings to differentiate the inhabitants of her world, she focuses on making each character fundamentally different in construction from the ground up. This lends a kind of realism to the cast of her gallery that gives it that really professional touch.

It's that kind of artistic discipline that makes Little-Bird's work such a delight to look at: you never know what kind of character details are hidden behind that little thumbnail image, but you can always be sure that it's going to look great. Lavish, lush natural backgrounds full of clouds and rain and grass and rocks and wind; expertly constructed character designs with deftly rendered musculature and balance, each one unique in its carriage and construction. And while her more recent work shows an enviable skill with Photoshop techniques that mimic traditional media and avoid some of the more widespread and generic "digital coloring" styles and tricks, a look back at some of her older work is eye-opening. It's clear that Little-Bird's first influence was anime art, because hair and lighting effects have always been a hallmark of her work dating back to 2003. It's easy to pick out the influences, and fascinating to watch how they evolved further over time after more immersion in the world of Lion King fan-art.

Dabbling in things like sculpture and pencil-shaded work, Little-Bird is definitely adventurous—as though her odyssey through different art styles and communities over the years is not already evidence enough of that. She's restless and driven by the need to improve her already impressive talents, and like many of the greats, far more conscious of her faults than she has any reason to be. Whether she parlays it into a professional career or just continues to enjoy it as a hobby, Little-Bird is destined to be at the top of her field in any artistic directions she explores in the future.

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