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Proving that Lion King fan-art is a discipline that draws from all kinds of genres, XaKo is an artist whose undercurrent of dark subject matter creates a backdrop that makes her more traditional fan-art all the more rich and pleasing to the eyes. With over 300 pictures created over two years, she has raised herself to the level of some of the most well-known and sought-after artists in the whole Archive.
...*meep**has no words for this...* First of all don't mind my bad English, Second I wanna thanks all my friends and fans on here who supported me a lot trough good and bad times. =) third, I wanna thanks Brian for making such great site and making it better every day!=D *hugs to everyone*

Just a 'lil bit about me...I've drawn all my life now, I think. But I started to draw serious things and lion king, 3 years ago because of my RL friend Amaryllis. She inspired me to draw it and I was jealous on her because she is so amazing! Anyways I've never really liked TLK as I do now.. it was the same as every other Disney movie. Until I met Amy..=) I had this thing in myself to get better and to impress myself and some people from my family. It got me this far as I am now. But I have lots to learn still.. but I have my time and I enjoy it =)

It's so hard to think of things that hasn't been said so I'm not gonna try it.. x) Just keep drawing for yourself, and take a step that is not too high for you and try to draw too it. =) that is how I got this far and I think I got what I once wanted to be. and it's enough for me...for now...x)

And I just want to say I just love this community of artist and friends all together its just great to talk with everybody and we all love the same thing. that makes us more one then the artist from DA , SA or AG. and I think that is what makes this site nicer and more fun then all the other art sites.(well it's my opinion anyways)

And thanks So much for this Great honour!! I love you all *hugs*

And oh watch out when the night falls, I'll be waiting for you together with Aurelius and Lestat ;) *meow*
XaKo is an example of how artists whose tastes lead them to all kinds of different creative outlets and artistic genres can still find themselves driven to excellence by the unique challenges and inspirations of Lion King fan-art. She's active on at least a couple of other art sites besides this one, but that doesn't mean her Lion King art is any the less heartfelt or well-developed. Indeed, it seems as though it's been among the genres that has been most influential in spurring her development as an artist.

A perusal of her art over the last couple of years will show just how far XaKo's abilities have come; her modern work shows an understanding of anatomy and Disney-style execution that has been honed in the few short months since she joined the Archive in 2004, in a really astonishing accumulation of skills for such a short time. As good as her art is today, though, one thing that she's always had is a flair for backgrounds and settings; while her most recent pictures boast wonderful details such as jungle vines and rocks and sand dunes, her early work frequently had backgrounds that blended whimsical color palettes with striking landscapes or abstract patterns that illustrate how she's always had the potential for greatness.

XaKo's canon art is among the best you'll see here, especially in the case of her more recent work, with softer lines and beautifully detailed backgrounds marking her development and mastery of more complex artistic tools. Her real strength, though, is in her richly developed recurring characters, some of which are represented in the images to the right and left. These are the characters that inspire her to further hone her command of leonine anatomy and facial expressions, to the point where any emotion or mental state is effortlessly conveyed in the face and body language, and where a career in animation would be well within her reach if she chose to pursue it. Probably not unimportant in this development is XaKo's grounding in artistic styles other than Lion King fan-art, where being able to convey an expression on a human face only deepens the ability to make it convincing-looking on a lion.

Her accomplishments are undeniable, and her fans have spoken: Congratulations to XaKo, this month's Featured Artist!

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