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In the two years he's been with the Archive, Dante has built up a reputation not only as a very capable artist in an appealing Disney-esque style, but also one who thrives on the canon Lion King art that makes up the backbone of this site.
Whoa I'm not sure if I'm dreaming or not lol, wow this is a big surprise, I didn't expect this for a while, been a while since a guy got it. But it's a great honour and I never thought id get it as im not the best at speeches. But thank you to every one who voted and for your support during the time ive been on this amazing site. I also think its really cool getting it straight after my friend Maz Bourne Rock On X3.

I love Drawing and have been drawing since I was very young thanks to my Grandfather, so I guess its thanks to him that I'm drawing, he was the one to encourage me and for that I thank him, even if he isn't around anymore I know he's proud that I stuck at what I love doing. I've always loved The Lion King and its been one of the biggest inspirations I've had in my life, it inspired me to continue drawing and really gave me a great hobby, its not an easy task to become good at anything which I've learned since I joined the archive in 2004, everyone starts at the same place and how they progress is up to them, it was 2003 when I first discovered the Archive and I was sort of an invisible fan id admire artists such as Daggerthewolfkitty, Laturia and Hibbary seeing art like there's inspired me enough to join, and to be honest I wasn't confident with my art at first until after a few weeks where I made friends who gave me support and lots more confidents in my art and im much better with computer programs now thanks to some tutorials artists are kind enough to share with us. Most of all im happy you've all been enjoying my art and it really makes me feel great when u leave such great encouraging comments.

Which brings me to my friends and fans, thank you for your votes it means a lot. They even brought it to my attention that my fursona has February colours XD cool huh, and to some of my closer friends ive come to know DJ, Maz, Damali thank you for your friendship, you all rock *hugs all*

Now I cant possibly go without thanking the Great Brian, you rule and the site wouldn't be here without you, you've worked really hard on in and on behalf of my self and the archive Thank You so much

Thanks Everyone :3
A quick glance into Dante's gallery reveals what makes him successful beyond his own estimation: he's improved his art in a mere two years to the point where his earliest uploaded pieces are hardly even recognizable as being his own. He's unafraid of his early work—it's all still there for interested fans—but it serves as a constant inspiration for Dante to excel and improve, and in turn for everyone else to follow the same path.

The end result of Dante's dedication to the craft of animation-style art is that even his pen sketches look like the work of Disney animators, with an easy flowing energy and a clear communication of expression that is a common trait to all the best work in this genre. (Another trait of people with the knack for animation art is that their most offhand, disposable pieces, the ones they're the least proud of, are sometimes the ones that show the most vibrant energy and the clearest intuitive grasp of anatomy and balance. You'll find plenty of examples of that kind of art in Dante's gallery.)

Like most of the highly successful artists at the Archive, Dante has honed his skills through hundreds of art trades and requests for his friends and colleagues at the site, with lots of portraits and character sheets that demonstrate his range at portraying widely disparate personalities and physical traits while keeping to a plausible backbone of character construction. Even so, though, what makes Dante's work so popular is the focus on canon art, with probably one of the highest concentration of Simba portraits that you'll find at any one artist's page at the Archive. Fan-created characters provide a great creative outlet, but it's the canon art that brings people to this fandom to begin with, and it's what retains people's interest, especially when it's as well rendered as Dante's is.

Through these parallel methods of artistic improvement—the pursuit of satisfying character portraits, and the attempt to come ever closer to the elusive Disney level of brilliance in canon art—Dante continues to illustrate how tireless hard work over months and years, which is really the only way any artist can improve, will pay off greatly in the end. If more people had such a compelling avenue for learning that lesson as we do here, it would probably be a much better world.

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