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With some artists, all you can do is stare at picture after picture in their galleries and wonder why they're not already working for Disney creating the next Lion King or another masterpiece of modern animation art. Kobb is one of these artists; with a breathtaking array of full-color comic series featuring canon characters, she's one of the most accomplished artists in contributing to the fandom and mythos that we've ever yet seen.
Wow. This is just... wow. Out of all the spectacular people who are part of this awesome collection of fan art, I never expected to be singled out for something like this. My sincerest thanks to all y'all to voted for me, because you made my day today. I also salute all the people who deserve this more than I do.

I guess this whole thing started when I saw The Lion King in theaters. I was eight at the time, and fell in love with it. I even collected the entire set (both series!) of trading cards, which incidentally are on the top shelf in my dorm room (heh). For years I've drawn the characters on and off, but I actually gave it a serious try a couple of years ago, when I joined this website.

I have a lot of thanks to dish out. First and foremost to Brian, for creating this website and maintaining such a great community spirit. I've met so many great people and artists here, and learning from others has allowed me to improve myself immensely. Thanks for providing the opportunity.

I'm also thankful for all the divine help I've received so far in life; without the initial talent and work ethic God gave me, I wouldn't be remotely close to where I am today. I'm also thankful for the opportunity to attend a university that offers a major in animation. It's intensely competitive to get into, but I'm at least going to give it a shot. I've studied a lot of animation technique and stuff for the past year, so hopefully that and some more hard work (and some luck) will help me out.

I'd thank my buddies here individually, but I'm sure I'd leave half of you out. So I'll just give a big hats-off to my fellow BYU Cougars *wink* and call it quits!

Thanks again, so much! You guys rock!

Kobb may be coy about her talents and how much she deserves this recognition, but anyone who has seen her comic series ("If Mufasa Had Survived" is a sample of the enticing storylines she tackles) knows that she's long due for it. These comic pages show an impressive innate sense for layout and composition in sequential storytelling; all her panels tell the story efficiently and immediately convey their necessary action and emotion. The fact that these pages are in full color, and that the stories they illustrate are satistfyingly well-written, are just that much more to enjoy about them.

Of course, this sequential art—which has become something of a trademark for Kobb lately, and deservedly so—wouldn't be anywhere near as successful if it weren't for the great underlying cartoon style of the art that makes it up. Every one of Kobb's standalone pieces, whether a portrait of a canon character like Scar or an art trade for a fellow artist, exhibits the firm round forms of well-balanced character designs, the confident shapes of faces and bodies whose anatomy is well understood, and the facial expressions that convey emotions instantly like arrows to a target. These characteristics form the perfect basis not just for comics, but for animation as well—and Kobb doesn't disappoint on that count either, with a folder showing off many well-executed pieces of experimental animation. Their adherence to established models means that Kobb, if she so chose, could do first-rate Lion King animations or anything else a professional studio chose to ask of her.

Kobb has been with us for over two years and produced more than 250 pictures; these span the spectrum from informal experimental sketches to the aforementioned comics and animations. Almost all the pictures convey a sense of fun and mischief inherent to so much of the best Lion King fan-art: joke pictures and humor are common, and the quality of the art allows for some great sight gags, such as when an anthropomorphic cheetah wears a loose-fitting cougar costume. Not many artists can pull off something like that convincingly, but Kobb can do it with the seemingly effortless ease that characterizes those artists destined for a career in the animation industry.

The rise of Kobb to the status of a name on everyone's Favorite Artists lists has mostly only begun during this year, but there's undoubtedly much more great stuff we can expect to see from her in the future. Congratulations!

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