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There's nobody on the Archive quite like not_quite_normal. Every artist has their own signature style and can be recognized by an astute observer; but when it comes to a set of recurring characters in a unique style with signature accessories appearing in dozens of excellent Flash animations, not_quite_normal pretty much has the niche sewn up tight.

No way! I was litterally screaming when I opened my e-mail, my brother thought I saw a spider! XD Wow, this is so amazing. <3 I'm not that great at writing, so let's see how this turns out d: (I hope I don't annoy you with these smileys xD) AH and it's the perfect month, too! *whispers* It's my 15th birthday soon ;)

I have people I have to thank, of course :3 First of all, my mom and dad (awww), they totally support me always. And...I guess I have to thank my brother too, he's my biggest critic. He tells the hard truth. I would also like to thank my fans, I luff all of you for supporting me and commenting, and even drawing me a picture! It keeps me going! Also my close friends who I love to talk to on MSN, I luff you guys too! Aaaaand last but most certainly not least, Brian. You're simply awsome for working hard on this website, and putting up with so much! Also everyone who voted for me, hugs to all of yew!

The origin of how I found TLKFAA: In grade 6, our teacher made us choose a song to do a project on. I wasn't a real song liker back then (weird, yah, I know), but I loved the Lion King songs. So, I searched up the lyrics for Can You Feel the Love Tonight. I found this! I was interested in it, and searched around a bit, and found this strange fanart place. I wasn't a real internet surfer back then, so I just forgot about it for a while. Then, sometime later, I came back looking for more song lyrics, and I came back to TLKFAA. I joined up =D ...Don't ask me how I came up with the name "Not_Quite_Normal", I don't remember xD

When I first joined, I, of course, noticed the AotM. I thought "Holy WOAH, I'll never be able to get that, I'll just be a little unknown speck in this website!" And I was for a bit, but thanks to that Flash class I took, I was able to make animations. I thought they were just lame little things, but I guess not, eh? x3 I mean, now I'm AotM AND I have an animation in the Top 50 Pictures. Heh, it's amazing how much a person's life can change in a year, TLKFAA has really affected me and given me more confidence in my art and characters. It's so great to be able to get feedback like this, people actually like my characters! They're known throughout the world!

The Lion King. One of the imensly few movies that still send a chill up my spine. I still sing along to all of the songs. I still love to draw it. I've loved it for a long time, it's truly a classic and such an inspirational movie. :)

Listening always to the Barenaked Ladies, yours truly,

~NQN :)
The first thing you'll notice when you visit not_quite_normal's gallery page or watch her new uploads is that perhaps more than any other artist in the Archive, she's mastered the art of the quick and silly Flash animation. More than fifty of these pieces are available to view; many of them star not_quite_normal's recurring characters from her well-established storyline and universe, part of what she hopes to pitch as a TV show one day.

These animations contain plenty of canon Lion King characters, to be sure—Simba and Timon figure prominently. There are also a lot of animations of fellow artists' characters, done as art trades where many artists would have focused on a still-frame portrait. But the bulk of these pieces of animated art focus on not_quite_normal's created world, with humans and lions both showcasing the artist's exceptionally expressive visual style. These characters keep reappearing to star in videos for "Dragostea Din Tei", Invader Zim, Barenaked Ladies songs, and in particular a lengthy animation for Peter Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill", which has to be seen to be believed. This is remarkable stuff.

Animation is by no means not_quite_normal's only strength, though. A quick perusal of her gallery turns up hundreds of regular pictures done as art trades and gifts for colleagues, each one showing off a great expressive facial style and crisp linework, and especially a sense of balance and posture that comes most easily to those artists who have explored animation. Backgrounds tend to be simplified, but that fits in perfectly with not_quite_normal's brisk, energetic style, where a sense of motion and character take the foremost priority.

Perhaps nothing so exemplifies not_quite_normal's whimsical, anthropomorphized take on Lion King fan-art than her iconic "bucket hat", an accessory that appears on her personal characters and has since become a signature "look" that has spread to others' characters by means of art trades. Just like the best sites out there, the Archive now produces its own memes—and we've got not_quite_normal to thank for it.

Congratulations, and keep up the excellent work!

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