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Audrey Cosmo

When it comes to comic-style fun in the Lion King universe, just about nobody does it better than Audrey Cosmo. With a natural flair for expressiveness and body language that would make any professional animator proud, and a great sense of humor to go with it, she enjoys making us laugh just as much as we enjoy seeing her work—which is a lot.
From: Brian Tiemann
Subject: Featured Artist of the month

I stare at the email. Wait a minute Audrey.. Are you still asleep? I bite my tongue. Aouch!

No, it's not a dream!!!!!!!! This mail is real! I am Artist of the Month!! ~~~~~~~~~

I don't know what to say except Oh My God, I'm so happy!!!!! I've never wanted to be AotM. Na, don't get me wrong, I mean I've never drawn in that aim. I draw because I love it and I had not expected this because I was not running after AoTM. Moreover this happens so soon! Just one year after I joined! I still can't believe it!

Since the day I was able to hold a pencil in my hand, I've drawn animals everywhere (even on the walls of my house). Whan I was a child I did tons of drawings per day and when The Lion King was released, it was a revelation. It seemed that my hand was able to draw nothing but lions in Disney style !

But afterwards, when I grew up and went to school (especially high school), I used to draw less because homeworks demanded a lot of time. My art consisted mainly of funny drawings sketched on my table in class. I gave up the TLK style and did some comic-like characters.

And last year, when I left high school (in vacation for 3 months!!!) I found myself one day sketching an adult Simba which was not bad at all (it's the fist picture I uploaded here). So I told to myself: "hey why not drawing more as you have nothing better to do during your holidays!"

I drew one more pic... and one more... and one more again... And I couldn't stop!!!!

I was looking for a place to share my artwork (because, I must confess, about 0.000001% of my friends are interested in TLK) and I found the FAA which appeared as Heaven for me!

I joined in July (that's why I'm so happy because this month is also my first FAA anniversary!) and drew more and more, motivated by all your nice comments and your warm welcome! That was so unexpected! I believed I'd have remained absolutely unknown here and I found dozens of people saying that they liked my art.

And here comes the "thank you" part.

First, of course, thank you to Brian (guess why!) Without him, there is no FAA. This is such an awesome place. Thank you a LOT!

Then, thank you to all the people I met here and who have supported me and voted for me. Thanks to you I can share my art and improve day after day. I can listen to your opinion and not only the "oh, that's good" of my friends who have to bear with me and my TLKaddiction.

Thank you to my favourite artists who are a permanent source of inspiration for me (I won't list all the names there are too many of them).

Thank you to all the English-speaking people because I tend to massacre their language :p (btw thank you to my Anglo-French dictionary too)

Thank you to my pencil, my sheets of paper, my rubber, my scanner, my computer and my colouring programs. Without them I am nothing!

And... last but not least, a HUGE thank you to my love-of-my-life-forever-and-for-always, thank you to François who is my main source of inspiration ( I can say my muse) and who keeps me happy and strong everyday. François if you read that (and I know you will) I love you !!!! YOU GET IT??? I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll stop now because I've said enough! :) I'll just add that: Always draw for yourself, don't count the comments on your page or expect to be AoTM every month. I know a lot of great artists on the FAA who deserve more recognition than they get. And even if nobody likes your art, as long as YOU like it, well, that's what is really important. So don't wait for celebrity to come, just be yourself, do what you want and enjoy what you do.

The best things happen when you don't expect them. Love as well as AoTM! But yeah... I'm off-topic! ;)

Audrey Cosmo ~~~~~

What can be said about Audrey Cosmo's work that the work itself doesn't say? Bursting onto the scene almost exactly a year ago, she immediately impressed everyone with her impressively constructed renditions of Simba and other characters; and then she began showing off her whimsical, comedic side with sequential comic stories that showed off her real unique strength: expressiveness. All Audrey Cosmo's characters have the kinds of facial expressions that not only immediately convey the characters' feelings, but also inspire any artists in the audience to want to do such good work themselves. One look at her parody People magazine cover (middle right), and it's obvious what makes her art so unique and so much fun.

Taking full advantage of the opportunities available with computer coloring, Audrey Cosmo often skips the laborious inking in her pictures and colors the pencil drawings themselves, a technique that retains a lot of the essential "life" that's often lost in the transition to cleaned-up inks. This spark of whimsy is a necessity for her chosen artistic style: it underscores the humor of so many of her pieces, as well as complementing the soft, even rotund anatomies of a lot of her characters. Creating colored artwork this way doesn't prevent it from being as detailed as any other piece—her collected work, with markings and intricate expressions galore, proves that—but it does make for a very unique stylistic statement that just about any of her fans (and there are many) will instantly recognize as the work of Audrey Cosmo.

Her gallery may not be as extensive as some other artists', but with just 145 pictures to date Audrey Cosmo has fully made her mark on the Archive, rapidly becoming one of its favorite members. There's perhaps no better way to illustrate why than to simply look at her most recent animation: just try not to grin or giggle as you watch it. It's impossible.

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