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This month's Featured Artist not only earns that recognition through artistic merit, but also embodies many of the most important traits for an artist to have in order to be successful in the long term: perseverance, patience, and the ability to learn with every new artistic endeavor.
I seriously was not expecting this! This is such a great honor for me! I never thought I'd be an artist of the month! Then again, I am, and I'm really happy! Wow ... It's great to know that people out there love me. I love you too! *Hugs and kisses everyone*

When I started drawing lion king pictures for this archive, I realized that I could not draw Lion King art AT ALL, and I wasn't that popular either. I was just about ready to give up, until I decided to stay again and give it another go. Then as time when by and with some encouragement from my friends, I realized that getting AotM wouldn't prove me as a good artist. I realized that you need time and patience to develop your art so you can truly be the best you can be, and that, to me, is better than winning a monthly title and a cute little banner. :D

The inspiration for my art comes from a variety of sources: Movies, music, books, cartoons and comics, events from real life, other artists, random ideas, and, of course, the movie itself! Most of my inspiration comes from the musical string quartet BOND, Celine Dion, Evanescence, movie/game soundtracks, the movies Napoleon Dynamite, Oliver and Company, and Hocus Pocus, and some art by the magnificent Balaa, my buddy Shayde, and the great Rex. Trust me, inspiration is all around you! Use it (but don't let it get the best of you)!!

I can't really add more to what the recent featured artists have added, but draw from your heart, and draw whatever makes you feel happy. It doesn't necessarily have to be Lion King art; it can be art from Balto, Oliver and Company and all those movies and novels you love (please refrain from posting those here). No one should EVER force you what to draw. You draw for yourself, and that's what the definition of art is all about! And also, you should be satisfied of the pictures you're uploading. If you're not quite satisfied, don't be afraid to work on it some more. And don't be afraid to take critique from others either. They're only trying to help you improve your artistic skills. ;)

Other than that, have a nice day. ^.^

~Fantasia (Queen of Diamonds)
She's been with the Archive a long time and produced hundreds of pictures, accumulating the support of a lot of fans in doing so; those people who appreciate and follow her work do so in large part because they recognize Fanta's commitment to the craft and her ability to drive herself to greater achievements each time she posts a new picture.

Fanta has a very unique style not seen much elsewhere on the Archive: smooth and curvaceous outlines, clear and vivid coloring and shading, and a certain "swoopy" quality to the facial features and shapes that makes characters' faces all the more expressive. Particularly in featured pictures such as "Alone at Night" (bottom left), the use of eye-popping color and stylized backgrounds works with the composition of the character itself to focus attention on the emotion in the face. There's a whimsy to Fanta's style, and it only amplifies the effect of the art she creates.

Choosing a variety of subjects and drawing on a wide base of movies and stories for inspiration, Fanta expands upon our understanding of each of the canon characters (as well as many of her own) through explorations of scenes that help define their life stories. Her musings on the past histories of Taka/Scar and Zira, as well as emotional portraits of Kovu, Kiara, and Simba, stand alongside silly crossovers or "gag" pictures to tease out the hidden details of each character's personality.

She's right in saying that becoming Artist of the Month is no proof of a person being a "great artist" or not—but what it does mean is that a significant number of fans and fellow artists believe that such a person deserves recognition and a month in the spotlight. Fanta has earned that right, say her fans, and they've merely confirmed the story that her art itself tells: all that effort and perseverance have paid off well!

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