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She's been with the Archive for over four years, and in that time she's posted nearly five hundred pictures, steadily improving all the time. She's kept all her old stuff online so we can look back easily on her career here at the Archive, and from that alone it's easy to see why Epona is long overdue for recognition as a Featured Artist.
Sweet! You guys are so cool! Thank you for the totally awesome award!... and for the most perfect month! I want to be the very first person here to wish everyone a most wonderful and happy St. Patrick's Day! XD Ice Clovers for everyone!

Now what to say that everyone else hasn't... Cheshire took my idea of what to say (darn them Ringling's!!) sooooo I'm gonna point out to read her Aotm speech again! Cause its cool... that's right I'm making you read more! ... and I really need to thank a few people personally... so pardon this slight noobish interference. Many thanks goes out to Tallon and Kelty poo because if it weren't for them I would have left the archive 5 years ago and I would be living a very un-meaningful life. Elbereth for being a great pal and for showing me that Florida can be cool! Pretty much the whole archive for being the great supportive community everyone dreams to be apart of... were so lucky to have each other you know this right.... And most importantly many thank you's goes to Brian T for like everything!

Now for the me stuffs...I've been an artist my whole life... just really never considered myself as anything else. I was always the person drawing in math class, making castles out of lose dirt during gym, going to art summer camps, and devouring myself in anything art related I could get my paws on. As I've grew older I started to really push for art education and in my high school days I would help teach middle school kids in an after school art program! Its amazing how much impact you can have on the young mind! So I encourage everyone here to take something that you love and teach it to someone younger then you! Doing something like that is an experience more rewarding then anything else! Trust me!

Lion King is my obsession, that goes with out saying... my whole room is covered in TLK merchandise. and its just not the movie that I love, it's the whole African culture. For me the Lion King opened many doors in my mind because when I wanted to learn as much as I could about animals and Africa, I begun to realize that there is a completely different life style where people live in as a whole. It was truly a life-changing event for me and it's probably due to that fact that I'm still such a die-hard fan! Some day I wish to visit Kenya, its my life long term goal, so if anyone wants to donate to a poor collage student on achieving her dream, e-mail me! XD (hey it could happen)

If there is anything I can say I know for sure it would be this; with out this archive pushing me to do better with my art though the very supportive comments and keeping my artistic juices flowing I definitely wouldn't be where I am today. Currently I'm in collage for game art and design and I plan on becoming the best environmental 3D modeler there ever was! (Insert slight ego problem here) so I dedicate all of my achievements to you guys! Thanks so much for everything! I lov you all! I just wish I had more time to work on fanart, just all these collage assignments are killing me! *sigh*

Well I've already written a bible full of stuff so I guess I'll end here with this:

"Play halo, send all clovers that you find to me, watch TLK sometime this week, and never stop being you!"

again many thanks! U Rock

[/ subliminal messages]
With nearly a hundred pictures posted per year dating back to early 2001, Epona has never wavered in her creative output for the Lion King fan-art community; she's only improved steadily with the experience that only perseverance and inspiration can bring. Today her work consists of a wide variety of sketched and computer-colored character art with an exceptional mastery of anatomy and composition that makes her art some of the most pleasant in the whole Archive.

It's especially helpful to those artists following Epona's progress that she often posts the sketch versions of her finished pictures; these sketches, as in the case of any good animation art, often lend an insight into her techniques of construction and composition that are invisible in the final product. A casual observer might only be interested in the final colored piece, but someone wishing to learn how such pieces are constructed are likely to be just as fascinated by the sketches, if not more so. The same goes for the contents of Epona's "Tutorials" folder, where she gives back to the community with a variety of helpful tips on building landscapes, trees, rocks, and so on: essential ingredients for any good fully-realized scene.

All this would be academic if it weren't for the quality of Epona's art itself, which—fortunately—is top-notch. With a devilish sense of humor (combining The Lion King with Halo is an inspired example) and a great sense of character and presence, the subjects chosen greatly complement the well-developed techniques Epona has employed for her art, including tablets and all the tools available in Paint Shop Pro. Color palettes are well-chosen to match character demeanors and scene moods, and drawn characters are matched well with photographic and rendered background elements to form pleasing compositions.

Epona has proven one of the Archive's most well-respected and accomplished artists, and her recognition as this month's Featured Artist is well deserved. Congratulations!

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