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Whether it's Lion King style character drawings, highly stylized cartoon caricatures, or vigorous and energetic studies from life, few artists at the Archive capture the essence of all that is feline the way Quill does. While many artists achieve success by becoming adept at emulating a particular artistic style, Quill has mastered a whole visual range and vocabulary all her own.
What the... oh my gosh. I think my heart actually stopped when I saw this in my inbox! I never really thought I'd get AoTM because there's so many people who, in my opinion, deserve it more.

To start, I have to thank, above all people, Brian Tiemann for making this site for all of us. You are a pricelss treasure. (Was that cheesy or what?) I thank all of you who voted for me- I really appreciate the fact that you enjoy my art. I honestly can't thank you all enough, especially for sticking with me through all the redesigns of my characters! There's more of that to come ;)

I've been drawing since I was little, and before I could comprehend drawing I'd color in coloring books all day. As an only child, I was rarely bothered and loved animals from the start, so naturally, animals are what I drew the most. Mastering the art of drawing takes time. If you expect to be able to pick up a pencil and draw a perfect character, you would be a prodigy. And I'd like to talk to you. Use references and when you get a drawing you like, draw it over and over until you can draw it without looking at the picture. NEVER throw anything away- keep it in a special folder or somewhere safe so you can look back and say "hey, I HAVE improved". What I'm trying to say is, keep drawing and don't give up. If you give up, I'll bite you.

I remember when The Lion King movie previews first started airing- I'd run full speed to the TV and practically knock it over to see the whole commercial. After I saw the movie (the first few times), my cousin and I would pretend we were the lions and act out the movie with the soundtrack playing in the background, and my mom spraying us with water for the end fight scene.

Man, I can't think of anything else to say... draw for yourself and not to impress anyone else- if they like it, great. If they don't, that's just too bad for them.

Thank you guys again. This means a lot to me.

*kittysnugs* ~dah Quill

Quill has amassed hundreds of devoted fans here at the Archive, and with good reason: with an easygoing sense of humor underpinning her widely varied artwork, comprising everything from photography to computer-colored canon art to lighthearted pencil sketches, it's all but impossible not to find something to love in her extensive gallery.

Fans of canon Lion King fan-art won't be disappointed, as Quill has given plenty of attention to the subject, with some very well-done pieces exploring alternate storylines and backstory for the familiar movies. But where she really shines is in her dedication to her original characters, and the drawings she does as trades and requests for her fellow artists. It's no wonder that she's so sought after as an art trade partner: she's equally at home creating realistic-looking colored line-art, anime-inspired hyper-cute portraits, reserved but powerful Disney-style characters, or stylized felines showing off the artist's distinctive angular body construction. Quill seldom sticks to a single art style, but experiments all over the spectrum of possibilities within the fan-art genre. Don't miss her "Original Characters" folder, full of fascinating and compelling character designs whose only common characteristic is a great sense of expression, balance and anatomy, lending crucially to a great reading of each one.

Centered as her attention is on the feline world, Quill's work on non-feline animals like zebras is also phenomenal; her sense of anatomy stands her in excellent stead as she creates character designs that are simply irresistible in their expressions as well as impeccably constructed and balanced. In fact, just about every folder of Quill's work contains surprises guaranteed to please any lover of well-developed animal character art, whether because of the novelty of underrepresented species, the richness of the cast of recurring characters Quill draws, or the simple enjoyment of a lineup of wonderful drawings. There really is something for everybody.

There's little that Quill hasn't yet tackled in her body of work; her artistic adventurousness, if the past is any guide, is bound to carry her in new and interesting directions, here at the Archive and wherever her career might take her. Best of luck and congratulations to this month's Featured Artist!

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