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One of the most common names sighted in people's Art Trade pictures is that of SimbaGirl, an artist whose accomplishments at the Archive have rightly made her one of the best-known and most prolific members of our community. With her unique and bold style and her sense for meaningful art among the whimsical, she well deserves this month's title.
What can I say...? I can't even begin to describe how I feel right now. --I'm extremely honored, yet at the same time I'm completely humbled. Not to mention I'm literally trembling as I write these words!

My deepest and truest of thank-you's to those who have admired my work as I've climbed my way from a young, aspiring artist to the place I am today. To Mr. Tiemann, thank you for every minute of your well-spent time and hard work, and thank you for creating/hosting this awesome Lion King website! And especially to my Heavenly Father, thank you for giving me this precious gift to draw!

I could never begin to explian the feeling Disney's masterpiece, The Lion King, leaves inside me after I watch the film. Perhaps it's because I first saw the movie as a young child and the inspiring animation, dazziling music, and no-less-than loveable characters made an internal impression that just never escaped. So when I wandered into this website I guess it was only the natural reaction for me to be awe-struck by the professional-grade fan-art dedicated to my most favorite of movies!

And I could only dream, when I joined this community back in August of 2003, that I'd come far enough with my work to be worthy of putting my golden face on the front page. "Artist of the Month" is an incredible honor, but I've already won the greatest of honors there is to hold; I've met new friends whom I've come to know and love. I'd list them, but the front page isn't large enough. :) I just want ya'll to know that it's you guys who are my real honor!

Throughout my experience at's fan art kingdom I've learned that when you have a passion for something, and you pursue that passion with diligence, your dreams come within touching-distance. --I've discovered an artist in myself, and now I know what I may do professionally, one day in my future.

I could not imagine a better place for aspiring artists to grow and blossom than The Lion King Fan-Art Archive. It has, and always will have, a special place in my heart. For all that it and everyone has done in my life I cannot express my thankfulness enough. --It's changed my life...forever!

Much love to all of you! Keep roarin'! -SimbaGirl

Everyone wants to do an Art Trade with SimbaGirl; and why wouldn't they? Her style is expressive and colorful, alive with vibrancy and a real sense of the energy embodied by the Lion King movies in her choice of subjects (often using canon characters, or expansions on the canon story that extend to intricate studies of the very setting of the natural African world).

She squeezes every bit of artistic value out of the movies. With a diligent focus on on-topic artwork and a high standard to which she hold her own work (she doesn't upload everything she creates), SimbaGirl has found creative outlets in every aspect of the Lion King universe, from psychological character portraits to designs for hypothetical or peripheral characters to landscapes to commemorative pieces to silly puns on the movie's dialectical flourishes. She's focused on exploring every part of this creative world we inhabit, and she does so with great enthusiasm.

In developing her animation-like style, SimbaGirl explores the limits of various computer coloring and shading techniques, seeking the one that best fits her smooth, detailed style that pays as much attention to background details as to character outlines. To capture the energy of a character, she occasionally borrows a technique from the professional animators, such as the simplified lines of Nala's paws that preserve the streamlined flow of their outlines while remaining expressive. She does this on a character-by-character basis, as another sure sign of her dedication to the craft.

We need look no further than SimbaGirl for confirmation of the inspirational nature of The Lion King in awakening the creative spirit in so many of its fans. With artists like SimbaGirl in the community, we know that spirit won't soon fade.

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