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Perhaps one of the Archive's most "on-topic" artists, xanahti's claim to fame is a history of producing some of the best and most on-model canon Lion King character art we've seen. Her gallery continues to grow rapidly, and with it her cadre of fans.
Wow..... This is one of the most incredible things that have ever happend in my life! I'm so grateful to all of you that made my dream come true, I wouldn't be here today if it wouldn't be for my amazing friends and family. Thank you so much all of you that have voted for me, i wish i could give you all a big hug!:)

The reason to why i became a member here is because I adore "The Lionking". My interest in drawing came later after i had admired beautiful pictures all over the archive for a while, and I wanted to be just as good as the other artists. Soon i realised there is no shortcut to become a good artist. It's something you must strive for and have patient with. I'm never really satisfied with my pictures, no matter how much time i put down on them or how hard i try to get them to look as i want them, but it's somehow that feeling that keeps the artistic me going and I need some challenge to keep the interest. I will probably not study art and make it my job. Art is just a hobby for me, i don't take it so serious, i see it as a good way to relax and be creative.

I've had so much fun on this archive, there is a whole lot of lovely people here, Daeron, Miss Q, Daanzi/Konga and Takara to name a few, and no one can cheer me up like you do, my friends. And thank you Brian, you have created so much fun with this site and we owe you everything.:) I could never have guessed that TLK would be such a big part of my life, it opened awhole new world. What i hope now, is that i really deserve the honor to have this month, because that's what means most to me!

Kisses and hugs,

Not only does xanahti focus her efforts to an admirable degree on the canon Lion King characters, but she casts her vision beyond the boundaries of the Disney movies to explore their lives before and after what's pictured on the screen. Art depicting the courtship of Mufasa and Sarabi; Zira comforting a young Nuka over Scar's death, teenage Simba fighting with Timon and Pumbaa over a grub—the whole tapestry of the Lion King narrative is made richer by xanahti's work.

Using a digital-coloring style featuring two-tone color regions and soft edges, these pictures resemble the Disney style in a number of key ways, lending to a sense of satisfaction that these pictures belong to the same narrative. Linework toned to match the adjacent color regions and soft-edged, brightly colored backgrounds complete the presentation. Over the year-and-a-half that she has been with the Archive, xanahti has worked to improve her style and explore new coloring techniques that both look convincing and are reasonably easy to employ; she's been using her current style for most of this year, though, and has built up a collection of a good and satisfying size.

Her "gift art" section is very sizable, though, proving that xanahti doesn't only stick to the canon characters. With lots of art trades, requests, and gifts, ranging in style from small animated GIFs to the fully-realized images of her latter work, she's given many other artists a piece of her talent to enjoy, just as she's done for all of us with her gallery of canon characters and scenes.

Let's give xanahti a well-deserved hand: congratulations on being this month's Featured Artist!

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