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From unfinished online sketches to stunning computer-colored character portraits, Daanzi brings a lot to the table. Seeing her experience here on the Archive as a chance to educate herself as well as to dazzle others, she makes her art into an accomplishment from which we all can benefit.
Artist of the month? Whoa. I am shocked, amazed, humbled and above all thankful. (Not to mention running around my house laughing, crying, making airplane noises, and mostly hugging people as I squeal with delight) I honestly don't know what to say. There are hundreds of awesome artists out there, yet I am the one sitting here typing this message of thanks. I have received a huge honor, an honor of which, I don't disserve. But, thanks. I am beyond ecstatic! You guys all rule!!! *squeals again*

Lets face it; my gallery is not filled with hundreds of portraits and brightly colored masterpieces of the original cannon characters. But, what I have achieved, or at least hoped to achieve, is a gallery full of hundreds of pictures ...each of them original with my own special "flavor". My aim from the get go was to focus on my own original ideas while giving it the same flair of brilliance of the movies that we all love.

I have faced many hurdles in my quest to get where I am now as an artist. One of them being, I just love doing pictures for others too darn much!!! I always seem to have a list of trades stacked so high that it feels like I wont be able to get out, and yet I'm always accepting more and more, regardless of the fact that my trade status is generally closed nowadays. Not only that but my sketchbooks are filled with "gift doodles" for my friends, heroes, and of course complete strangers, and I always find myself coloring those rather than the pictures for trades/requests that I should be coloring. * Sheepish grin * Sorry about that.

Anyhow, back to the point of this little message. -My sincerest and hugest thanks to all of those who voted for me, and for all the artists of the archive who keep the spirit of the movie alive. Keep drawing, and inspiring. Thanks also to my friends TUP (Takara, MissQ, and Xanahti (Xana)), and the many awesome others who pulled me out of my hole and taught me how to be a better person. Above all thanks to you Brian, you made this place where i have practically lived for the past two and a half years...if it werent for you i would never have made my friends, or improved my abilties so much. I love you guys. Love and kitty hugs to all,

When Daanzi talks about her own unique "flavor", she's not kidding: there's nobody who draws lions quite the way she does, and it's that uniqueness—honed to a fine and skillful point—that makes her art what it is, and brings it to the level where it earns her the Artist of the Month badge.

Though she isn't taking new requsts at the moment, Daanzi is one of the most sought-after partners for art trades, and with good reason: she has that special "spark" in her work that brings her characters to life, with a flicker of the eye, a quirk of the eyebrow, and a posture that conveys everything the viewer needs to know about what kind of life story the character could tell you. With bold computer colors and firm linework, Daanzi explores the whole range of emotional expression, pose, and color balance to render a character using the leverage of every line, not just what shows up in the face. And in some cases, as with the "Abyssal" picture (shown at right), sheer brilliance shows through, emcompassing everything from composition to special effects to anatomy to a color palette that can make the viewer shiver just looking at it.

Nearly every one of the pictures in Daanzi's gallery, whether the background is a simple solid color or a detailed and richly rendered outdoor setting, is framed with a thick black border; this little flourish is the first thing the viewer's eye notices, and rather than distracting from the contents of the picture, it instead serves to "formalize" the subject, making the composition appear more bold, and the colors to stand out more.

However, this doesn't mean Daanzi is stuck in a single medium. Rather, she works in whatever she can get her paws on: Oekaki, Paint Chat, direct mouse drawings—she does them all, and some of the unfinished sketches in her gallery are the most interesting pieces of all.

Daanzi has treated her experience here at the Lion King Fan-Art Archive as a growth experience and an education in both art and community; she's a true embodiment of what this site is all about, and definitely deserves this month's accolades.

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