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Tigon has been with us for several years now, and she's made a name for herself as one of those artists who can be counted on to produce great-quality work, and yet to always be full of surprises, and as quick with a whimsical joke drawing as with a piece of genuine high art.
Artist of the remember when I joined the archive I wondered if ever would get it, and here I am today =D Though I wouldn't be here without all the great people who has voted for me, commented on my stuff or just been nice and friendly to me. Big thanks goes out to all those people and of course thanks to Brian who as created this place~! I love you guys!

I love TLK. I fell in love with TLK, the lions, the animation, the music and the story at once though I only was six years old at the time. I remember seeing a documentary on TLK and I thought " I wanna be an animator when I grow up". I don't want to be an animator as much as before but thanks to TLK I still wanna work with art and illustration.

I've always liked to draw, especially animals. I'm now taking art courses in school and I'm going for some higher education in art. Art is fun and a very good way to express yourself=)

Again thank you very much =D =D
The Norwegian artist Tigon has done it all: rough pencil sketches, vector-like clip-art, paper media work, fully computer-colored and shaded scenes. There's nothing that this artist has not tried, and nothing she has not shown she can excel at.

Perhaps one of the most "on-topic" artists this site has seen, Tigon concentrates to a high degree on character portraits and studies of the canon Lion King characters: Simba, Scar, Nala, Sarabi, Mufasa, Kiara, even Rafiki. While a great part of her work is dedicated to her own original characters, and another large section devoted to art trades and requests for her fellow artists, she has nearly a hundred piece of artwork focused on the canon characters that define the Lion King universe and keep her style anchored to Disney's unique visual motifs.

Her own characters range from lions to hyenas to species never before seen, and Tigon gives them all the attention that they deserve as fully realized characters. Far from being empty shells or ciphers, each drawing presents a new aspect, a unique facial expression, and a truly original character. Her lions, in particular, are showpieces; her picture "Brothers" (middle right), though the characters are unnamed, tells a story through its richly realized setting and background, and the expressions and postures of the well-designed characters, that needs no textual elaboration. Though some of Tigon's work requires a caption to explain it, much of her work—such as this piece—meets this classical definition of "Art" in every way necessary.

Some of Tigon's most breathtaking pictures are found in unexpected places. Dig down into her "Tigon & Ziru" folder to see some real treats, such as her "roaring Ziru" pictures. Tigon's style is so rich and diverse that there's no way to have an accurate idea of her gallery from just a few example pictures. Be sure to treat yourself to a full tour through her gallery, and send her your congratulations on an honor well earned!

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