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Bursting on the scene relatively recently is Tima, this month's Featured Artist. She's been lurking in the shadows until just a month or so ago, gradually improving her skills and keeping her art to herself until releasing it all of a sudden like a bombshell.
I'm... artist of the month? Whoa! It's difficult to believe, especially because I'm fairly new here and everything happened so quickly (like getting over 100 uploads).

So, I guess I should tell something about me and my art.

TLK has been my favourite movie ever since I saw it for the first time. I've been drawing TLK fan art for almost ten years now, but haven't been active in internet fandom before the beginning of this year. Then some day I registered in TLKFAA and uploaded some older and newer pictures, and since it seemed fun, I wanted to continue showing my art.

To be honest, one of the reasons to register here was, that I wanted to see if I'm good enough to get AotM title some day. I didn't think that my art and way to draw is very impressive, and I still don't think so. That's why I never showed my art publicly before this; I'm quite shy to show my drawings. I also think that there are many people who would have deserved AotM title more than me. This happened so quickly, and possibly too quickly.

Anyway, I'm trying to get people's attention by using new ideas and drawing something that other people haven't drawn before: crossovers with something completely different (Monty Python & Monkey Island), rarely used canon characters (Ni, Bhati), scenes from TLK books, using new angles, having a non-lion fursona etc. Since I'm slightly irritated of the lack of canon character fan art in TLKFAA, I'm keeping my gallery always on-topic and mostly canon.

Thanks to people who voted me as AotM. I also want to thank everyone who has left me a comment or commented some of my pictures; it's always so delighting to read other people's opinions.

Tima's first upload was a rich and soulful portrait of Simba at night—obviously not the work of a beginner. Over the subsequent month, she uploaded a hundred more pieces, each improving over the last in quality and inventiveness, exploring outlying corners of the Lion King universe and beyond, with crossover concepts nobody had yet thought of, and reaching back to original canon material that had been all but forgotten since the days when the Deluxe Laserdisc Edition of the movie was on store shelves.

The phenomenon of Tima's art is remarkable, if only because of the patience and modesty on the artist's part, to have sat on these pictures for so long and taken so much time to hone her skills. A recent picture in Tima's gallery is a mosaic of dozens of old pieces of fan-art that she had drawn in years past, meant to illustrate the long journey of self-improvement she's undergone; and the degree of change evident in those pictures is striking to say the least. This is an artist who blends a self-conscious lack of artistic ego with a judicious eye for what's worth displaying and when, and the result is a gallery of art that's thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end.

Tima's style is a crisp, computer-enhanced line-art motif, with fairly uncomplicated detail, rather like the animation art you'd see in interactive multimedia games; but the characters are all well constructed, and they all have a level of expression and professional exaggeration that enhances their internal personalities and tells a back-story for each character without any further exposition necessary. It's only a bonus, then, that Tima gives us such rich and funny situations in which to find her characters: crossovers, comic gags, and experiments like the pictures that examine famous Lion King scenes from unaccustomed camera angles.

Not many artists have sprung to the forefront of their peers' attention as quickly as Tima has; no doubt this all seems to be happening more quickly than is usual. But Tima has undoubtedly deserved this honor that her fellow artists have elected her, and we'll all be looking forward to more art from her in the future!

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