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The undeniably unique style of F.W.'s art stems from more than just the usual variety that distinguishes all the artists here at In this case, it's because F.W. is actually a pair of artists, working in tandem to bring out a collaborative spirit that results in more than the mere sum of their two parts.
Wow, It sounds like such a cliché but we really weren't expecting this at all! When we first joined the archive, we had no intentions set out for achieving AoTM, and so it has come as such a surprise! Thank you everyone who voted for us and who has supported us and our artwork in any way. Thanks!

As strange as it seems the art in our account is a combined effort between the two of us which I hope isn't any problem, we just love making art together ;).

We both have a big love for animation and animals, and because of that "The Lion King" and "Simba's Pride" have been major inspirations in both of our lives and art. It wasn't until the release of "Simba's Pride" that we began to seriously draw TLK fan-art, we hope you have enjoyed our fan-art as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Cutting it short and sweet, Thanks everyone! and also a big thank you to Brian for maintaining such a wonderful archive and community :D.

If there's a hallmark of F.W.'s work, it's a lush variety of styles. The artists' zeal for creation is obvious in the sheer number of different forms their art has taken: computer-colored line art, realistic nature sketches, clay scuptures—you name it, these two have tried it. F.W. were among the first artists at to explore film-style animation scenes, and one has to conclude that their career of experimentation in the various media is only just getting started.

Theme-wise, F.W. focus primarily on canon characters such as the photogenic Kovu and Vitani. These characters, with their distinctive designs that are uniquely open to endless reinterpretation (as is made so clear by the work of all the artists here who favor them), make up the bulk of F.W.'s gallery. But they're by no means the only characters there. Simba, Scar, and dozens (if not hundreds) of fan-created characters populate the gallery, each one new and unique in its presentation. Further to that, there are interpretations of African species (such as bat-eared foxes) and fantasy species created by themselves and by other artists.

This much is certainly enough to demonstrate F.W.'s penchant for reaching out toward new horizons in art, to press forward and find new outlets for creative expression. True, The Lion King as a genre provides a huge universe for artists to express their unique visions; but it's still just one small theme in an endless world of possibilities for artists. But F.W. seem determined to show that whenever we think we've reached the limits of the inspiration one movie can give us, we'll always be wrong.

Congratulations, F.W., and good luck in your future work!

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