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One of the brightest rising stars of the Archive is Kira617, bringing with her a flair for unique, animation-style character design and a confident anatomical understanding that lend her artwork a consistent level of quality that's among the best we've seen.
All I can say is, WOW! I am completely speechless! My art has never been honored with anything before, and now to win this! It is truly something I will never forget! Thank you so much everyone!

It has been such a blessing that a place like this is available for me. I have met some wonderful people who have helped me grow, both in my art and as a person. So Brian thank you, from the bottom of my heart for creating and maintaining this place.

Well The Lion King was really the start of everything for me. I absolutely fell in love with the movie the first time I saw it. I was only 10 at the time, but I knew from that moment on that I wanted to be an animator for Disney. I wanted to touch other people's lives the way that The Lion King touched mine. So, I began to draw and draw and draw and I haven't stopped since.

I love trying to show feeling and emotion in the images I create. I want people to be able to understand what the character is thinking and feeling. For me, this is what brings a 2-dimensional image to life. I also love illustrating and recently found a tremendous amount of enjoyment in taking written words and descriptions and bringing them to life in my own little way. As a result, you may notice that a good amount of my gallery consists of crossovers. For me it is a wonderful challenge to take a moment, scene, or simple character description and project that out into something unique but recognizable. It is something that I think will help me if I ever manage an animation career.

I have had people ask me in the past "why always lions?" or "why always in the Lion King style?". My simple answer for this is, that is just what I love. Sure, I deal with realism and more traditional artistic techniques in the art classes that I take, but everything in THIS gallery I did because I wanted to, not because it was assigned for school. This is what I love to do and I don't plan on stopping any time soon.

Again, much love to everyone to has helped and supported me through the ups and downs and to all who voted for me! My appreciation goes beyond words!

Kira617 need make no apologies for doing what she loves doing: lions, and in The Lion King style. After all, that's what this place is all about!

At the same time, her ability to extend the universe of the movie in new and unique ways has also become just as important a part of the TLK fan community, and this is an area where Kira617 particularly excels. While her canon art is top-notch, featuring Simba, Nala, and much of the rest of the cast in outstandingly accurate depictions, it's in crossover environments like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings that Kira617 brings her energy most enthusiastically to bear. This is a discipline that she takes very seriously, concentrating on creating good character designs that capture both the characters of the source work and the visual style from Disney, with every bit as much effort as she puts into developing the scenes themselves. The result is more than simple snapshots: it's art with depth and personality.

Kira617's computer-colored pieces are expertly finished, with smooth outlines in colors that blend into the regions they adjoin, and with subtle but deft blending and shading that bring out the results of her keen eye for anatomy. Bringing each character's design to a satisfying conclusion is always a face that's full of expression, using all the features so crucial to Disney-style animation art to convey a personality and emotion that requires no description or caption to be understood. Kira617 avoids doing character portraits or art trades due to time constraints, but this means that her attention is wholly concentrated on her crossover work and her original illustrated stories-- surely a tradeoff we can all agree is worthwhile.

Congratulations, Kira617, and good luck in your budding animation career!

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