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When you hear the name pegasuss, the first thing that leaps to mind is usually: Everything but lions. This is because she, more than any other artist on the Archive, has made it her mission to remind us all that there's more to The Lion King than just lions. There's a whole continent of critters out there, all of which are great subjects for art!
Wow! Oh, I can't believe this. It was sort of a distant dream for me since I joined here, but I never thought it would ever be attainable. So many thanks go out to those who post here- you all have inspired me in one way or another. There's no way I can name all those who have touched my life, so I won't even try. Shoutouts to Tallon, Snowy, and EN, who have inspired me and helped me grow from the beginning and never stopped.

The first time I saw The Lion King, I was enchanted. The characters, the scenery, the art, the music. I rediscovered it when I found this archive. I joined just at the beginning of, and have never considered leaving. Animals and art have always been my greatest interests, and this place, as well as TLK itself, are a perfect blend of the two. The community, too, was unlike what I'd encountered before. It astounded me that others might share my interests.

One of the things that is most important to me in art is variety. Very early on, I stopped uploading canines and felines, which is one of the reasons I'm so shocked that people still enjoy my art around here. Without canines and felines to fall back on, I felt more free to explore the vast world of wildlife that so fascinated me in TLK. I moved on to more challenging subjects, especially my favorite character Rafiki. I've never had an art class, so most of my art is just experimentation. I enjoy variety in media as well as subject, and I'd dabble a lot more in sculpture if I had the resources.

Again, thank you to anyone who has viewed my gallery, sent me a comment, or even drawn an unusual animal with me in mind. Naturally, I must implore everyone to send a shout of thanks to Brian for his devotion of time and resources to this place.

Many people have wrongly assumed that pegasuss "hates lions", or some other similar feeling, because for a long time she has refused to draw them in her regular artwork or as part of any trades or requests she does. As she's pointed out on her page, however, this isn't because she has anything against felines or canines-- rather, it's because she wants to give more airtime to the vast array of other species that make up the vast Lion King universe. Antelope, okapi, gazelles, birds, ungulates of all types-- they're not often seen in other artists' work, but pegasuss makes sure they all get their fair due.

It's just a bonus, then, that pegasuss's art is all so proficient and fun to look at. She takes great pride in putting the same kind of effort into learning the anatomical structures of all the varied African species as other artists put into their lions and other felines alone; the result is not just a gallery full of technically excellent depictions of African bovines and ovines and cervines. It's also a collection of real, profound characters, with facial expressions and body language conveying real emotion and depth of personality. Every one, no matter what the species, is just as deftly rendered as another, and just as full of feeling and character. It's like the artist has to speak in a hundred languages, whereas most artists only have to know one or two. pegasuss flips between them all with great fluency.

Her work covers many different forms of media, from computer-colored line-art to scanned colored pencil drawings. Through this variety we get a wide look at the methods she uses to realize her character designs. Even more so, however, we see how carefully she has organized her work, and how dutifully she has dedicated her efforts to preserving the balance of on-topic and off-topic work represented at the Archive. pegasuss has done plenty of canon Lion King fan-art (chiefly featuring Zazu and Rafiki), but her real specialty-- the species that make up the crowds of animals gathered around Pride Rock, not just the ones up on top-- is what really makes her work shine.

Keep those critters comin'!

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