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It doesn't get much better than the art of Shayde. This is an artist whose creativity, heart, and depth of perception are just as impressive as the skill level that her pictures exhibit; the result is a collection of art that's impossible not to admire.
Woah,, O_o; well, I really was not expecting this at all. I'd like to give a massive, huge-big thank you to everyone who voted for me, I never thought I would get this far =3

Well, I found this archive through my friend, Niko and by only flicking through one or two archives, the artwork in them was too good and inspiring for me to close the browser window and forget about it. I had seen the Lion King in the cinema, but I was too young for it to have an obsession-worthy effect on me. Canines were more my thing, but after watching Simba's Pride I just wanna draw lions. I made frequent visits to some of my favourite artist's pages and every new upload showed some form of improvement. Having never attempted real lion-king fanart before, I practised so much and even though I couldn't draw Simbas for beans, I kept at it; I wanted to be as good as the artists I'd seen here. I lurked for a good few months, picking up little hints and pointers from other's pictures, but didn't make an account until December (2001). Since then I have never looked back. I love it so much here. ^__^ To me, art has always been a form of escaping reality and expressing myself. As a person, I sometimes get frustrated by rules, boundaries and limits, and through drawing, I find myself in a place where the only limit is my imagination. And I love it ;D

I don't know why or how I got into drawing. Like many people here, I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. Thank you Brian for this wonderful site. Without it, I would not have had the chance to meet all these great people who share my interests. I don't know where I'd be right now without this place. I'd like to thank everyone who has encouraged or supported me in one way or another, and my friends who picked me up when I was low. You are all such a great inspiration to me and without your praises, comments and pictures, I would've given up a long time ago. For that, I cannot thank you enough. ;)

~ Shayde
With rich, colorful backgrounds and a highly developed sense of presentation on her computer-colored pieces, Shayde has truly mastered the elusive art of capturing the Lion King universe in original scenes. Simba and other canon characters appear as often as her own or others' original characters in her gallery, and because so many of the scenes she creates feature the movie cast in characteristic attitudes and situations befitting the movie itself, her collection of pictures is one of those that has extended the movie's own vision most enthusiastically.

Individual pictures show a level of expressiveness seldom seen outside of Disney: canon and original characters alike flaunt their teeth, narrow their eyes, cower in fear, and convey the whole range of exaggerated emotions we've come to expect from the best animation art. The rich coloring and framing, set against back-stories that we read in the picture descriptions, turn Shayde's art into the equivalent of a printed storybook: all the vividness of animation, without the complexities of animated composition getting in the way of a good static presentation.

Shayde is an uncompromising artist, insisting upon a level of excellence from herself that demands she usually upload only what she's proudest of-- but yet she remains modest about her abilities. Her willingness to create her own visions of her friends' and fellow artists' characters is emblematic of the friendly artistic community here at, and the quality of her art is proof of the positive energy it fosters.

Congratulations to Shayde, and we all hope to see more!

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