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How can we have gone so long without giving this artist the recognition she deserves? A prolific member of the Archive since 1999, with a style recalling Disney's best talent, Laturia is one of this site's most esteemed contributors and best-loved members of the community.
What makes Laturia's art so unique is obvious from even the briefest of glances: it's derived not just from The Lion King, but from the gorillas of Tarzan-- which she is able to blend stylistically with the prevailing TLK style that we all love. This combination of styles and source materials leads to a particular fantasy world view that occurs nowhere outside of Laturia's fan-art gallery, a uniqueness that is perhaps the artist's greatest success.

This is not to detract, of course, from the technical and artistic merits of her work, because those are extraordinary. Indistinguishable from genuine Disney art in many cases, Laturia is able to capture a scene with professional visual style mingled with a very singular sense of humor and an eye for situational comedy that's impossible to resist. Over the four years of her presence here at the Archive, this sense of humor and fun has only grown, never giving way to pretentiousness or exclusivity. In Laturia the Archive has a charter member who can fly with the highest, yet who has never lost sight of the essence of fun and silliness that is at the heart of Lion King fan-art.

Using broad, sweeping computer coloring techniques that resemble traditional cel shading, Laturia creates windows into her unusually rich world that range from simple character shots against white backgrounds to richly realized, full-color scenes that may as well have been snapped straight off of the big screen. Her careful study of both the styles of The Lion King and Tarzan have imbued Laturia with a deep understanding not just of the way the characters from those movies look, but how they act, how their faces read, how their personalities are conveyed through facial expressions and body language, and the resulting poses are as richly exaggerated and as reservedly subtle as is necessary under any example of the animator's art.

A future in animation art awaits Laturia, undoubtedly, if that's where her career takes her. Whether it does or not, however, we can consider ourselves lucky to have taken part in this most energetic and vibrant phase in her artistic development.

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