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With an animator's style and a fan's imagination, Nanook123 creates characters as rich and real as though they'd jumped right off the screen. heavy stylization mixed with warm physical presence is a hallmark of her work-- one of many.
Oh my goodness, this is so exciting! I never gave thought to the fact that I could be Artist of the Month. I took one look at that email and thought I was going insane. It is so unreal. I mean...I just think that there are so many others that are more deserving than myself. I would like to thank you all for this honor, and let you all know that it is a deep privilege and pleasure that we continue to post our TLK related arts on this site. Brian, the deepest thanks go to you, my friend. You keep this site going, and it is from your tireless efforts that it continues to run today.

I started coming to the TLK archive LOOOOONG before I joined it. Perhaps then I thought that my art was not good enough, perhaps it was due to the fact that, then, I didn't think I would be accepted. I know that also when I first joined, I didn't have the best in "computer" rendering programs. Yet it seems as though time aids all things. I have gained a greater insight into the realm of art, and have also learned much about the composition of an image. I cannot express enough how much of an inspiration each and every member of this archive is. My goodness, it seems as though it was only yesterday I joined and was welcomed by the folks of this place as a new found friend. There were so many that I looked up to then, so many that I thought whose art was such a talent and joy to look at that I thought I would never reach their levels of skill and productivity. My friends here at the archive are true and lasting, but none so much as my dearest friend, Balaa. Without her constant companionship and advice I fear I would have left the forum long ago. However it has lasted, and for that and for you all I am grateful.

I, like all artists, have gone through phases in my art career, but none have had such an impact as The Lion King has had on my drawing. Since 1994, Disney's TLK has held me spellbound with the emotion and expression, as well as the scenery and story captured upon the medium that told the story. I have to say that my favorite part of character design, which seems to be my niche here, is expression. Eyes, mouths, ears, pretty much anything that can move on a face provides some means to express emotion. Even body language in poses and scenes show emotion and expression, (perhaps that's why I am so attached to The Lion King). It still influences my art to this day, it will continue for all time, as it is a story that will endure forever. It is my hope that I do the story and the art of the Lion King justice, for I see so many more of you that are worthy of this title as well. Without rambling more I would like to close in saying to you all, Thanks again. Without your dedication to the art and the apparent love for this place, I can't imagine where I'd be.

My deepest and friendliest regards to all,

Well known for her skills with the digital paintbrush as well as with the character-designing pencil, Nanook123 has made quite a name for herself already in just one year at the Archive. With many dozens of pictures to her credit, she has become well sought after for her uniquely rich design sense and her fluid, animation-style execution.

They say that animators draw characters with "rubber faces". It's easy to say that this is true of Nanook123's work, as she exhibits a deep understanding of the facial contortions that really bring a character's personality to life, an understanding that only a few of the top artists share with such instinctive ease. One character will have an off-center smirk and a single perked eyebrow; the next will peer with narrow, deep-set eyes from under a bushy mane that just bristles with texture. Nanook123 is well aware of her gift for facial expression, and with good reason-- it's both the trademark of her style and her stock in trade.

Of course, faces aren't the only things Nanook123 does well. While her backgrounds are generally abstract and minimal, the three-dimensional heft and presence of her characters makes them every bit as real as they need to be. Fur textures are always richly rendered with a few deft strokes. Computer shading is so well-practiced as to seem effortless. And the characteristically outsized paws and tails add as much to the trademark of her style as any facial expression does. Nanook123's style is one of the most recognizable ones in the whole Archive, as her many fans and friends will attest.

Whether doing art trades with other artists, crossovers with all her other favorite movies, or just good old-fashioned Lion King fan-art, it's hard to deny Nanook123's success in just about everything she tries. She's got a groove going, and as every artist knows, the best art is the art that's fun to draw. If Nanook123's gallery is any indication, she's having the time of her life.

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