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The Black Cat

Her art may not be brightly Photoshop-colored or digitally enhanced, but nobody can call that a detriment: The Black Cat's art, resembling high-grade comic panels or clip-art, has all the character and heart that a fan could want-- and then some.
"Oh, my God! Oh, my God..." was all I thought of when I read the email from Brian about being the Featured Artist of the Month and I have to say it again, "OH, MY GOD!!"

First I want to thank all of you, not only for the votes, but also for the support many of you have given to me since I have joined the archive, (By the way the month of September is my second anniversary here which makes this even more special.).

Disney art has always been a strong influence with me as long as I could remember. The first dog I ever drew was Tramp from 'Lady and the Tramp' and it was not a surprise when the Lion King came out that I would be drawn to the beauty of the film. My love for cats (big and small) was given a new education on the structure of the lion, thanks to that movie.

When I came across this wonderful site, and seeing all the magnificent artwork displayed here, I didn't join at first.


I have to admit I was intimidated.


I wasn't sure if my artwork was up to par.


I'm a very simple artist. I enjoy creating the lines, expressions and movement in the subjects I draw. Coloring, shading and even background are not a major concern for me though I know they are important, I'm just as happy not including these elements as well as adding them when needed. It was a pleasant surprise to find that my doubts were unjustified, thanks to the incredible people who I met here.

(Rats! I'm rambling! I promised myself I wouldn't ramble!)

Once again, I want to thank you all for this wonderful honor and a special thank you to Brian, who I can never thank enough.


With hundreds of pictures and a voracious appetite for excellence, The Black Cat enjoys a privileged position on a great many people's Favorite Artists lists, and for a good reason: her art is appealing, fun, full of character, and hugely creative. She explores the boundaries of content and expression, clearly attracted to what makes animated art so amazingly appealing, consisting as it does of nothing more than a series of flat, unassuming drawings without much detail or finish. Animation doesn't suffer from its individual frames lacking complexity, and neither does The Black Cat's art.

This is because she has chosen to concentrate not on intricate detail work in her finished pieces, but on capturing a character's expression and mind in as few deft strokes as possible. Like Shogunate-era Japanese artists, she seems to consider it a virtue to be able to suggest as much between the lines as she actually puts down on paper or on screen; and, indeed, the result is something to be admired greatly.

Of course, The Black Cat has done a great deal of art for her fellow artists: art trades, requests, surprises, gifts, and so on. In each of them, she conjures a unique character in a few spare lines, situated in a new and original pose that befits the character perfectly, and with face and body language that gives the viewer instant familiarity with the character's mind at a glance. Then she finishes the piece with a few well-placed ink lines, adds some appropriate but uncomplicated color, and the result is something worthy of an official Disney clip-art book.

But that's only a tiny part of the story of the areas that The Black Cat has explored. Her "Saber-toothed King" series, for instance, is a perfect example of her creative spirit in action: a re-imagining of the TLK story, but starring saber-toothed tigers instead of lions. Why does she do this? Because it's fun.

That's why The Black Cat is so successful at what she does. She's having fun. And it shows.

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