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One of the most popular artists in the Archive is also one of the most humble: Rex, coming to us from Russia, heavily underestimates his own abilities. But the truth of the matter is that he is one of the most accomplished artists of the whole group, and his art is among many people's favorites.
Okay. Here I am. I'm glad to be chosen in the AotM. Thank you for voting and just for looking my humble pix. Hope to be on the first page fair, cause it's more important for me to deserve it, then even to have my name between the page of the best LK-site in the net. =) Thank you, Brian, for holding our little heaven. Thank you all, my friends. *put the crown up and shakes everyones' paws* =3

The first time I've seen TLK my life has changed forever. I guess, in the bright side... I beloved these wonderful animals as I love them all today, no matter what others say. Lion King is my heart, my soul, can't say better. I drew whole my life so I tried to copy and to redraw lk-characters from the tv-screen and my album with sticky labels... I passed the nights with this. =) Many nights. And so the 12 dec 2001 I've found what I searched for a long time - the Brian site. I searched only for lion king sources, but it was more - there was an archive with fans' pix and a good chance for me as for rightful artist. Almost rightful. It was couple months after I appeared on the archive when I got the art-school diploma. So how I became a real painter. Since theneverything is changed - many good artists left the fanart, came new ones... I hope them to be back oneday.

TLK for me isn't only beautiful film, but it's something out of words. It's a big world living in our hearts. And it's fewer and fewer of such hearts, but we must keep this spark in the time. We have to remember all time however busy we weren't, when the darkness is aside... Thinking about little fluffy Simba-cub always warmed me in the worst moments of my life. I like TLK... Not like, love. =) The Lion King forever.

It's small wonder that Rex's art appears multiple times in the Top Ten list on this site; as Lion King fan-art it's both technically superb and paints some beautiful detail into the movie, and as general artistic expression it makes a vivid impression and stays in your mind for a long time.

Rex is one of the few artists who tends to stick to on-topic fan-art for a large proportion of his work. He has illustrated snapshots from the movie, character portraits, mood pieces, and prospective scenes; all of them are executed in a style that's immediately engaging, with appealing faces and bright, saturated colors in the backgrounds. When looking at Rex's art, it's clear that what he loves about the medium is the ability to add to the world of TLK, not just creation for its own sake.

But that's by no means the only thing he does, either. In visualizing other kinds of character art, Rex excels brilliantly, using the same successul, vivid computer-coloring style to tackle challenging character portraits and art trades. What makes Rex's work so attractive has got to be the coloring style-- backgrounds invoke light beams, swirls, blends, halos, and many other interesting effects, and it never looks the same twice. Each background complements the illustrated character perfectly, darker colors and reds and oranges reflecting anger or stress, and blues and greens and yellows appearing in calm or happy pictures. Rex's understanding of color as a means for creating a mood is among the best this Archive has yet seen.

Equally admirable is Rex's understanding of anatomy. Leonine characters all across the spectrum have that sense of weight, balance, and three-dimensionality that is so important in creating successful Lion King fan-art; characters in his work appear in all kinds of positions, and they always look comfortable and natural, allowing the viewer to absorb the color and mood of the piece without having to sort out the spatial relationships of the characters. The color works together with the anatomy, in deft shading, to create characters that seem, for lack of a better word, "real".

Whether Rex considers himself deserving or not, it's the collected will of the artists of the Archive to honor him as Artist of the Month. Congratulations!

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