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Nightshade is one of those artists who has the skill, dedication, and deeply ingrained sense of character humor to make it-- if she so chooses-- as a professional animator. A look through her richly populated gallery will convince any skeptics: this is an artist to be reckoned with, and a true asset to the Archive.
Woah!! I mean really!! o.O I saw the title of the email and I immediately clicked on it, and by the time it had loaded I had half spazed out! I had really never expected this to happen! It's really made my day, nay my month!!! A massive thank you and hug to everyone who voted!

I remember when I came to the archive, and was just astounded by the ammount of terrific art that I could see. The only other place where I had seen CG-ed art was Neopets, which was the first theme of my computer drawings. I also remember trying really hard on those first drawings that I sumbitted here, but knowing they were far from the quality of those of the great artists. I'm really glad I persevered though, and I found many wonderful people here who helped, encouraged me, and inspired me to get my ass into gear and make better drawings XD

I've always loved to draw, ever since I was tiny I loved it. And TLK is so much fun to draw too! I'm sorry I have barely had any uploads recently, but I promise to try harder and draw more!

Gah, and now I feel I've waffled on, and yet I don't know what to say!! Thanks again to everyone who voted, and a BIG thanks to Brian for making this place, a community that's so friendly and relaxed. Massive hugs and kisses to everyone here! *bounces away merrily*
When you see a professionally-drawn piece of animation art, you know it. There's just something about it-- the anatomy, the sense of weight and balance, the facial expression, the quality of line-- that can only mean the image came from the pencil of one of those rare individuals with the rare gift of being able to produce immaculate living artwork. Styles can vary greatly, but when a picture has that "spark", it's unmistakable.

Nightshade is eminently capable of producing art that gives any of the most magically professional drawings by paid animators a run for their money. With loose, easy pencil lines gone over with simple but effective computer coloring, she turns out image after image that contains not just the usual unique character traits for each subject, but also that elusive veneer of anthropomorphism that is so central to The Lion King. It's one thing to create totally "animal" characters, and another to do anthros which are just humans with ears and tails; but somewhere in between, with animal physical traits and human mannerisms, is the balance which makes the Lion King characters so appealing. Nightshade is able to capture that balance, and it knocks the viewer's socks off.

The engaging blend of pencil construction and computer coloring in her work also brings Nightshade's pictures to life; while the backgrounds and compositions can vary greatly, from digital framing jobs to fully rendered physical settings to abstract ambient surroundings, the realization of each character is done in such a way as to make it look like a "sketch" at heart-- full of the vibrant energy that only a sketch can have. Often lost in the translation to final inks, the little subtle details of shading and facial expression come through with soft clarity in pencil work, and Nightshade's art preserves that character perfectly even in fully rendered, colored and inked pieces.

Widely admired, Nightshade has become one of the prominently looked-up-to artists on the Archive who produce tutorials on how to harness her techniques, as well as being a fully engaged member of the community, tirelessly doing character portraits and art trades along with everyone else. Her original TLK-related work is her centerpiece, though, and it's where her talent shines best.

Congratulations, Nightshade-- and keep up the outstanding work!

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