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An artist who's been with the Archive for over two years, Aquanite has been one of the most prominent and active members the site has seen, turning out dozens upon dozens of detailed, diversely imagined character portraits and mood pieces. There's nearly something new every day, and Aquanite's progress between her first postings and today is something to behold.
"It's close to miiiidnight, and somethin' evil's a lurkin' in the daaark-- Oops! Wrong intro! :O

Well, I can't lie . . I never thought I'd be given the opportunity to say this . . . Thank you for voting me Artist of the Month-- of all months- June! This means more to me than anything else that I could imagine achieving, and I give all the thanks to you. . 'cause without you guys voting for me, I wouldn't [well, writing this, first of all XD] . . be this happy. I keep wondering when I'm going to wake up and realize this is all a dream . .

I was at school today when I saw the e-mail from Brian, and just kinda stared at the screen for a while, thinking I was jus' imagining it . . apparently not- since I signed on and was bombarded by IMs. :) Kthx to those wooonderful people. ^_^

There are two people I have to mention particularily . . two of my very best friends, Pan and Kaitlyn. [PikachuAshNat and Segerquist]. They've been there for me all these months [two years to be precise] that I've been dreaming of AotM . . reassuring me that one day I would get it, even if it wasn't next month, or even this year . . You guys, if it weren't for you . . I would've given up long ago. For that, I thank you . .

And a big -Kthx- to the rest of you. :3 May the p00mers-- err. . force . . be with you! :) "

Some artists are in it for the satisfaction of a technically perfect piece; some do it for the humor and gags, and some get their kicks from experimentation. Aquanite embodies all of these, plus the thing that primarily marks her style: the sheer enjoyment of the cameraderie of the artist community. She's done hundreds of art trades and pictures for others, and it's obvious from a glance through her gallery that she loves doing it; each character is an original creation, a distinct personality. Each character is the center of his or her own universe.

Every such portrait that Aquanite has done features the character (or characters) in detailed prominence, with understated backgrounds fading from attention; each picture seems to be a reality unto itself, created with a flourish and without distraction. There's a refreshing exuberance about Aquanite's body of work, in that it seems to exist purely for the sake of the recipients' enjoyment-- and in that is the genesis of the artist's own absorbing motivation.

With toned-down, natural colors, Aquanite's character portraits are not as vibrant or as energetic as some other artists'-- but that's no bad thing, especially when trying to capture a certain level of realism and a world of languid natural light. Aquanite's colored-pencil style challenges and engages the viewer, and her digitally-colored pieces mimic the painstaking detail that her hand-colored work exhibits. When doing actual Lion King artwork, the characters are computer-colored more often than not, contributing to the authentic smooth feel of the movie's cel-painted world. No matter what the origin of her subjects, whether from the movie, from other artists' imaginations, or from her own, the personality of each character comes through instantly. Multiple character studies capture different sides of the canon characters, while repeated art trades and surprise pictures keep revisiting and refining their subjects until they're fully captured to everybody's satisfaction-- Aquanite's as well as ours, the viewers'.

Aquanite is long overdue for the recognition she deserves, and it's my pleasure to name her the Artist of the Month for June.

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