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For Lion King fan-art that's every bit as rich and full of life as the original movie, including the movie's star characters as we know and love them, we can always count on Tailbrush to deliver solid, impressive work. Exploring new techniques and styles all the time in the pursuit of ever better art, she brings a warmth and a depth to the Archive that earns her this month's Artist of the Month vote.
Tailbrush is an artist in the truest sense of the word: gifted with the ability to create a mental image of a character or scene, and then to do whatever it takes to get that image down onto paper (or other media) so others can see it too. Where some might be content to find a style or a technique and stick with it, it's clear that Tailbrush takes her work seriously enough to experiment and explore new ways of refining those images she shares. A tour through her Gallery page will show a marked trend of increasing detail and quality of art-- backgrounds, shading, character expression, anatomy-- as well as several occasions in which she has tried something new in the interest of improving her skills, rather than just resting upon her (already impressive) talent.

But that isn't to suggest that her art is clinical or lacking in expressiveness. Quite the contrary; while the foremost consistent visual emotion overlaying her work is one of quiet, dignified, deeply-rooted serenity-- just the same feeling as one gets from watching The Lion King itself-- Tailbrush has a playful and comic streak running through her work at all times, often just under the surface. Her character portrait work is never lacking in emotion, and none of her characters' faces look quite the same-- these are all individual, original personalities, each with their own stories to tell, their own worlds to inhabit. The fact that so much of Tailbrush's work stars the canon characters from the Lion King movies is a bonus; it means we're really seeing these characters acting in-character, adding to what we've already seen them doing on the big screen, rather than simply being more lions in a pantheon, distinguished only by unique colors or markings.

Tailbrush's work is mostly computer-colored and digitally composited; a lot of work obviously goes into each one. More often than not, pictures by Tailbrush are too large in file size (because of the high level of detail and the smooth color work) to go into the Archive unaltered; in these cases, where a smaller version of the picture ends up being posted here, there is usualy a link to a larger, higher-resolution version at Tailbrush's main website. That's where all her work gets posted, in its original form-- a treat for those with the bandwidth to dedicate towards browsing through her work. Though the site is in Russian, the art itself is equally enjoyable in any language.

As Tailbrush's gallery continues to grow, so does our appreciation for all that goes into it. Congratulations!

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