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This month's Featured Artist, hibbary, is on a roll lately. With over two hundred pictures posted, most of which are recent additions, her archive collection has grown by leaps and bounds. We can all count ourselves lucky for this-- because her art is some of the most visually pleasing, impressive material that can be found anywhere.
Oh, wow! This is really exciting. (Kaz, are you jumping up and down?) XD

Well, lesse... I've always loved TLK but I never thought to do any fanart until the second movie came out. I just thought Nuka was the awesomest character and HAD to draw him! I surfed around and found this great little place, Kubo's Spot, where I posted my first TLK drawings (which are terrible, by the way. I may post them here). If it weren't for Kubo I probably never would have started in online fanart. Kudos, Kubo! After a year or so of doing that my interested tapered off until I was introduced to this place and my fanart fire was rekindled.

I've always had a heavy grounding in art ever since I waas very young because my mother was an art student. I actually attended her classes when I was two and three. I've worked in alot of mediums and covered alot of subjects, but my main interest has always been animals--mostly cats. I use to think I was a cat when I was little ^^; Anyway, I always find myself encorprating elements such as composition, rendering, lighting and color that I learned from way back when and it really helps, even though I'm doing cartoon work and not real life drawings.

Keep drawing, everyone; The world needs more artists! Don't give up. And thank you to all the people who voted for me and to Brian for maintaining such a well-though-out, fantastic site.

It's no secret that hibbary is a highly sought-after partner for art trades; nor is it any surprise. Her character portraits, which make up the bulk of her work, are done to a standard which make for truly great art; it's clear, just looking through her gallery, that she makes a conscious effort with each new art trade or portrait to use a completely original pose and situation. Her characters stand proudly, or slump sullenly, or stalk evilly, or sprawl lazily on tree branches-- and not a single one has anything in common with any other such picture, except for hibbary's visual style.

This style is an approachable and yet highly original one-- cartoony in its anatomical and facial constructions, yet involving a flair for expression that works uniquely well for this artist. No matter what the subject's species or the color scheme of the wildly various background settings, they work seamlessly well with the character's mood and posture. Compositional balance, color scheme, and the glint in the eyes all combine to augment the expression of each character's persona as it comes out in the pose and the setting.

hibbary's coloring is computerized, showing a significant amount of expertise with digital tools. But the coloring, as well as the linework, tend to be simpler than some artists' work who concentrate hard on the details and finesse of a piece rather than the overall effect and emotion. Some artists might put more emphasis on fur textures or photo-realistic backgrounds than hibbary does, but such artists tend not to be able to convey such clarity of expression as is evident in her work. Another clear advantage that she has is an outstanding grasp of anatomy, both animal and humanoid. It's this knowledge of how figures are constructed that allows her to put her characters into such varied poses and have them all look so natural and correct. None of her figures are stilted or awkward; they all give the impression of being creatures in the wild, imbued with personality and captured at an opportune moment.

Her work has gained hibbary a large number of fans here on the Archive, and with good reason. They all look forward to seeing each new piece, because it's always a treat and a reminder of why we all love to create.

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